Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wonderful Gift

My husband gave me a wonderful gift today. He found me a teenage boy who would work around the house for only $5 per hour!!! I got him to do so much for only $20!!!

You see, we have had some mouse issues and the over the top dose of poison I set out back fired on me. For the past two days my house has been smelling like the stench of death! I barely made it here last night (had to stuff Vicks Vapor Rub up my nose to mask the odor) and this morning I swore to Jeremy if he didn't do something that I was moving out until he fixed it! This apparently did the trick.

The boy got under the house and I am embarrassed to tell you how many rodents he got out, but now they are gone and we are only left with a portion of the smell we had the last couple of days.

Awesome fact: Charcoal gets the nasty odor out!!! Put some in rooms that smell as well as under the house and viola! It attracts the odor and eliminates it!! I LOVE my father in law for this tip!!

Thanks honey for the teenage worker today!!! I am a happy woman without the funky odor in the house now!!! There's only so much of a funky smell a pregnant lady can take after all!!!!

And on a totally different AWESOME pharmacist Ron at CVS looked at my bruises today and found a gel that is suppose to help with the bruising!! It is suppose to make the medicine disperse better under the skin thus eliminating the bruising!!! He has ordered it for me and will call when it is in!!!

Hope you have had a good day today too!!!


Carol said...

We love Ron! :-)

Lesley said...

About once a year we have a mouse die inside a wall at our house. It is in the exact same spot each time. My guess is they somehow get trapped in this spot and can't get out. Yuck!!! I can't tell you how many times I've wanted to take a sledge hammer to that part of the wall and drag whatever is in there out!!

Wanda May said...

I hate mices, all shapes and sizes. Yes I hate mices!!!!

Heather said...

Now...if that hubby of yours could just find you a maid to do laundry, cook, clean dishes, clean'd really have it made:) Guess that's wishful thinkin' huh? Thanks for the charcoal tip.