Friday, July 24, 2009

Important to a 5 Year Old

Today we headed to Bowling Green for Colby to get his school hair cut from his uncles at Cowles Barber Shop. He was so excited about getting his school supplies last night thanks to Nana and Pa that he HAD to take his back pack with him. I got him dressed and while I finished getting ready he packed his back pack up for the trip.

While we were at the barber shop waiting for Colby's turn for a "buzz" cut he decided to show me what was in his back pack. He told me, "Mom, it's all important stuff!"

Inside the back pack was:
-the remote control to the television in his room
-his lunch box with Doritos thrown in the bottom
-a book (this was encouraging!) :)
-my makeup bag

Lord only knows what he will end up packing to school!


Heather said...

I'm a little jealous if Colby got to get a Transformer backpack. (just kidding) We're happy with our black and brown mesh backpacks:o) If you ever miss your makeup, at least you'll know where to find it.

Brooke said...

I was thinking about you guys the other day when we were shopping for back packs because I didn't see ANY mesh at all! Must have been hard to find!!

Nan said...

Ha! You will have to do a backpack check every morning! When Matthew was in preschool, there was a little girl that put her kitten in her backpack and brought it to school with her! Yes, I mean a real, live kitten! Took it on the bus and everything :o)