Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goodbye Stinky!!!

On Wednesday the Vincent party of three loaded up in the car to take dear ole' Daddy to yet another appointment at Western Kentucky Orthopedic with Dr. Burch. Thanks to a good friend that works there, we got in super quickly and had only 5 minutes of wait time in the back.

This week they were able to take Jeremy's stinky old cast off............for good!!! He still has a long way to go, but the cast (which was beginning to gag me on a daily basis) is no more! He is now in a boot that he can take off to shower and such. His scar is healing nicely, but is a lot bigger than we had hoped. I am thinking though that when his "ape man" hair returns that it will conceal it pretty well.

For now he is allowed to put weight on his foot/leg as he is able to. He has done it twice and nearly cried both times, but he is starting physical therapy on Tuesday three times a week at Schaffer's in Brownsville. I know this will be difficult, but it will help him tremendously.

To celebrate we went to the beach at Barren River Lake. Jeremy was quit a sight hobbling out into the water with his crutches, but Colby was thrilled that Daddy could finally swim with him! After 2 hours of swimming/relaxing at the beach we had a nice picnic at a nearby shelter. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the goodbye of STINKY!!!!

On a more serious note, we need your prayers for our family. It is nothing of crisis nature, and I am not able to discuss things at the time, but please remember our family in your prayers and ask the Lord to provide for us as he sees fit. I appreciate any and all prayers you send up on our behalf!


Heather said...

Happy that "Stinky" is gone! I haven't been to Barren River since I was a kid. I hope whatever is going on works out for you all:)

Wanda May said...

Well be remembering you, and glad ole stinky is gone. Was beginning to smell him over here in B-ville

Nan said...

Yay, I'm so glad Jeremy is healing nicely!! I know how stinky those casts can get! I'm hoping for the best for you guys!!! :o)

The Haley's said...

I have had you guys in my thoughts and prayers! And know that you always are!!! No matter what!!! I love you!!!!