Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going, Going, Gone!!!

Tee-ball season is going GREAT this year! The sweet Cardinals are doing an awesome job and are still undefeated! This is a MAJOR deal considering two seasons ago the scoreboard was always shut off because we were so far behind! :)

Like any Mom, I am proud of my son and the way he plays, but I would be LYING if I said I didn't secretly wish each time he got up to bat that he got a killer hit. For about three games Colby was in a slump. He struck out a few times and it got so bad that he actually cried at bat a couple of times. Jeremy and I were just puzzled, but being the great Daddy he is and with the help of the other awesome coaches they continued to urge him right along.

At the game on Friday, May 20th Colby's first at bat brought a wonderful double! Go Colby! This was one proud Mama! Then at his second bat...........with two runners one base...........Colby came up to bat.............NAILED it...........and hit a HOME RUN!!!!!

This was his first ever and it was AMAZING!!! I lost it - ran off jumping and screaming with Cooper to fend for himself (thank you Cardinal parents for taking care of him!) and ended up just outside the dugout on the field where I scooped him up and jumped up and down. His reply? "Mom you CAN'T be on the field!" Ha! I don't think he will ever understand the excitement I felt!!!

Now Jeremy, who pitches to the kids, remained calm and cool. He clapped and grinned and that was all. When I asked him after the game what was up he said, "I was trying not to cry!" Ahh......

Great job Colby and we are SOOOOOO proud of you!!

P.S. I hope that now that school is winding down I will have more time to blog. I hate that I have not blogged very often in the past couple of months!