Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why do they grow up so fast?

I know I am not the only Mom or Dad that feels this way, but nevertheless it is killing me inside. How do they grow up so quickly??? It seems like only yesterday I was changing diapers and rocking my baby to sleep and now he is so grown up and independant that dear ole' Mommy is not needed as much. Yes he still loves me and wants me for comfort or whenever he is feeling a little lazy, but it has all gone by way too fast! I try to savor every minute of every day with him so that I can atleast say I have made the most of his childhood years.

He is funny and rowdy. He is friendly and kind. He is a typical boy - with just enough sweetness to make you melt. Yesterday while we were in the pool he and I had the funniest conversation:

Colby : "Know what Mom."

Me: "What""

Colby: "Boys give girls their hearts."

Me: "Really"

Colby: "I'll give my heart to you Mom. You've got mine."

Oh! I love moments like this! I dread the day that he brings some girl home to meet his parents, but for now he is all mine! I love my son son much!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Colby: Part Boy/Part Fish

Colby has enjoyed swimming this summer more than anything else! We have a pool that is about 13' wide and 3 1/2' deep so it was perfect for him to learn to swim in. We have visited his Uncle Jay and Aunt Brina's house to swim a lot and on Sunday he was introduced to the diving board at Jam Jam's mom's home! It was so funny to watch him climb up and jump over and over again! He even showed no fear at jumping out of the boat in the middle of the lake! That's my little man!!

Dramatic Pause

Wow. I apologize for the LONG and DRAMATIC pause that you have had to suffer through as I dumbly figure out how to navigate this system! I have gone in here and typed things a dozen times to no avail. Perhaps it is working now!

We have had a lot of family fun this summer. We went camping at Bailey's Point on Barren River Lake and went out on a boat with frieds. We have went swimming A LOT. Colby is doing great with his letter and number recognition. We have had a wonderful time spending quality moments together. I miss my friends because I have't seen any of them lately, but as high as gas and the cost of living is right now, it's understandable.

Hopefully I have this all straightened out now and can get the ball rolling with my postings. Have a great day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Introducing............The Vincent Family

Well, it's official. I am now a blogger. With much persuasion of my friend Danielle you now have to opportunity to read about the whirlwind that my family calls our life! Proceed with caution.......

My name is Brooke and I have been married to my hubby Jeremy for a little over 6 years. We have a four year old son, Colby, who is the light of our lives. We have a great time together and love each other deeply.

So here's to the future posts.............I hope we don't end up on your "She shouldn't be allowed to have children" list! LOL!