Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

I can't believe my oldest baby's kindergarten year has come and gone! It seems like only yesterday he was beginning school and my heart was breaking and here we are ready for 1st grade!

Colby had a few rough patches here and there just simply not wanting to go to school at all, but over all he had a great year in Mrs. Joyce and Mrs. Terry's class! Thank you ladies for loving our little boy so much!

At graduation Colby was the proud winner of the "Best Storyteller Award". I'm pretty sure that it's just a nice way of saying my son is full of CRAP, but hey, we'll take it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Dislikes

Once again I find myself in a bit of a grumpy mood today. I guess it's just all the craziness that goes on at the end of a school year, but I figured it would be better to vent my dislikes on my blog then whine to Jeremy about them later.

So without further ado..............

1. Waiting. I don't like to wait. On anything. Especially not answers to something that is important to me and my family.
2. Friends who move. I understand that they are moving to better their lives, but the selfish part of me wants them to stay.
3. People that act like they are better than me. I know some of them probably are, but get your nose out of the air and act like you are a decent human!
4. Obnoxious ball park parents. It's little league people. Grow up!
5. Busy weeks. I LOVE to be home. I HATE running every blessed day. Maybe I'll get to have a "Go nowhere day" with summer approaching.
6. Missing out on field trips. Colby had his trip on Wednesday and I wasn't able to go. It hurt my feelings more than it did his. That is what happens though when you work for schools.
7. Fake people. Don't try to act like you are my friend just to get information from me. Do we ever get out of high school people?
8. The dentist. I have a toothache and I don't want to go. Not because of pain, just because I don't want to fork out the money.
9. Moody men. I truly think men have PMS. Jeremy has had it all week.
10. Being in a bad mood. I don't like to be ill or grumpy or mean. I can't wait to get home and snuggle my sweet boys and put a smile on my face!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Stroller Scare!

Today I experienced perhaps the scariest moment of my life! Cooper had is well baby visit with Dr. Kelly today and afterward we popped into Hobby Lobby so we could see Nana for a minute. He was snoozing so I snapped the infant carrier into the stroller and away we went.

We spent about 15 minutes in the store. On the way out a sweet older lady helped us open the door. We were talking about the weather as I pushed Cooper's stoller off of the side walk. In an instant I heard a "snap" and in slow motion it seemed, Cooper's infant seat flipped back wards off of the stoller and into the road of the parking lot! I screamed and ran as I watched my baby's seat flip end over end twice before coming to a stop in the middle of the roadway! I sat down right there and unstrapped my crying baby to check him for injuries. A crowd gathered around us and I just cried like a baby.

I gave Cooper a good looking over and then got out of the road and headed to the sidewalk. The older lady I had been talking to and a young couple helped me gather up my things. They also looked Cooper over for injuries. Amazingly enough though my sweet boy didn't have so much as a scratch!

The car seat had some scuff marks on it, but from where he was strapped in tightly and the handle was up, nothing happened to him!

I can assure you that is the closest I have come in a long time to passing out from fright! I felt the gray hairs popping out of my scalp!

When I got in the car while I was still good and mad I gave Graco a call. After being on hold for 5 minutes and fuming I got a very nice customer service representative. I told her what had happened and she was as sweet as could be. She apologized over and over and took down all of my information and started the process of a "product review" in case a recall needs to be made. She also told me that if I would send my stroller to them (they pay shipping) that they will replace it with a new stroller. While this is a very nice gesture, it in NO WAY comes close to apologizing for faulty equipment risking my baby's life!

I am so thankful that God watched over my sweet baby today. Had a car been coming down that road it would have been a lot worse than it was. Thank you Lord for taking care of sweet Cooper!

I am also thankful for those sweet strangers who helped me to the car and to calm down.............I just hope they didn't write down my license plate number. I guess I'll know if Social Services shows up on my door step!

Hoping for a much calmer Tuesday!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Not Up to Par

I have found out in recent weeks that my life is not quite up to par. I read posts from my other friends blogs and facebook and feel completely inadequate. For example:

-There are those of you out there who keep a clean house always. I do straighten during the week and clean on the weekends but most days I spend simply hoping the health department doesn't come by for an inspection. They might shut me down!

-Many of you like to cook. I HATE it! We seem to eat the same old stuff all the time. The most creative I have gotten in the kitchen recently was trying to make Shogun style rice. One guess as to how that went. The dog didn't even like it. All I can say is thank God for Stouffers............and I hope I can find someone that sells that Freezer jam so m any of you are blogging about!

-There are seamstresses out there in my cyber circle. I can't sew. I don't even own a needle and thread. On Sunday I took a bag of clothes that only needed buttons put back on to my Mom.

Perhaps I can make my mark one day and be an impressive Mommy. Until then I will just be jealous of my many wonderfully domestic and talented friends!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thoughtless Thursday

I don't know if it is the weather or if it just being "run down" in general, but I am in a bit of a crabby mood today. Here is a random list of thoughts I have had today.

1. Why do husbands get sick? Is it punishment for something the wife has done at some point? Why are they worse than children when they are sick? Is it wrong of me to want him to leave the house and get away from all of us?

2. Why doesn't school end immediately after testing? The kids are so "over it" and aren't putting forth much effort. And Saturday school? Gross! That's my day to clean house and do laundry............guess who's gonna be stinky next week!

3. Is there a reason my son is obsessed with his yearbook? I didn't want to pay $25 for it but did........and it has been money well spent. He spends time everyday looking at it. He goes through saying "No" and "Yes" to all the pictures. I haven't figured out what that is yet.

4. Why am I obsessed with email? I check it 100 times a day it seems. Why? It's rare I get one that isn't something I need to do or a question I need to answer. The way I check it you would think $1 million was coming via email my way.

5. We've had enough rain, right? But still yet I have prayed for rain all week. Colby had a game scheduled for tonight and sadly it will run into Grey's season finalle. I did get my wish. All children will be asleep by 8 tonight!

6. Why am I so goofy? Today I was sitting at my desk idely sliding my flash drive in and out of it's container...........near my mouth...........and got my lip hung. Ouch. Yes, it's swollen. Yes, I'm that goofy.

Happy Thursday everyone! Sorry for the drab post!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Cooper

(Check out this sweet onesie from my friend Sharon! It is the "Little Disciples" line and says "God made me special and my family spreads the word" on the front. Thanks Sharon!)

Well Cooper, welcome to four months old! This post is a whole week late because our lives are so busy right now I couldn't find time to blog. Between my graduate classes, Colby's t-ball, and church it seems that every day has something going on!

This month you started sleeping through the night EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! You go to bed around 9:00 and I wake you up at 6:00 during the week and on the weekends you sleep until 9:00 am! You don't know how happy this makes Mommy!

You have started baby food. So far you love your cereal, but only when your babysitter Ms. Leigh Anne fixes it. You love apples and carrots, but you can not stand green beans!

You have started spending a little more time in your exersaucer. You love talking to the pig on it!

You LOVE your mobile on your bed that Ms. Danielle let us borrow. You would lay and look at it forever if you could. That's what you do when Mommy is getting ready in the mornings and sometimes while I am fixing supper.

We use your Bumbo seat for everything. Whatever room I am in I just take you and the seat with me. You make doing the laundry a little more tolerable and you always laugh when me and Colby brush our teeth.

Speaking of Colby - you seem to just love him more each day. You watch every move he makes and you love to let him hold you. I will try and remember these times when you are fighting in a couple of years!

Only two more weeks of school and we will be home with you for the summer. Colby and I are really looking forward to it!

We love you more than words can say!


Monday, May 3, 2010

Thinking Things Through

I will admit it. Sometimes I don't really take the time to think things through. Last week I was getting ready to give Cooper his bath. The child loves to sit up so without a thought I grabbed the Bumbo seat and plopped it in the tub. Works well with 2 inches of water. Not so well with 4. Yes it floats. Yes I should have known better. And yes I risked the baby tipping over so that I could run and get my camera to take a picture of my stupidity (in my defense Colby was in the tub too and doing a great job of holding him so he didn't flip!)

So what silly thing have you not thought through? I know I'm not the only one who makes these silly mistakes!