Monday, May 17, 2010

Dear Cooper

(Check out this sweet onesie from my friend Sharon! It is the "Little Disciples" line and says "God made me special and my family spreads the word" on the front. Thanks Sharon!)

Well Cooper, welcome to four months old! This post is a whole week late because our lives are so busy right now I couldn't find time to blog. Between my graduate classes, Colby's t-ball, and church it seems that every day has something going on!

This month you started sleeping through the night EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!!! You go to bed around 9:00 and I wake you up at 6:00 during the week and on the weekends you sleep until 9:00 am! You don't know how happy this makes Mommy!

You have started baby food. So far you love your cereal, but only when your babysitter Ms. Leigh Anne fixes it. You love apples and carrots, but you can not stand green beans!

You have started spending a little more time in your exersaucer. You love talking to the pig on it!

You LOVE your mobile on your bed that Ms. Danielle let us borrow. You would lay and look at it forever if you could. That's what you do when Mommy is getting ready in the mornings and sometimes while I am fixing supper.

We use your Bumbo seat for everything. Whatever room I am in I just take you and the seat with me. You make doing the laundry a little more tolerable and you always laugh when me and Colby brush our teeth.

Speaking of Colby - you seem to just love him more each day. You watch every move he makes and you love to let him hold you. I will try and remember these times when you are fighting in a couple of years!

Only two more weeks of school and we will be home with you for the summer. Colby and I are really looking forward to it!

We love you more than words can say!



Nan said...

I know you are so anxious for summer to get here so you can be home with your boys every day!! (I'm looking forward to having my boys home too!) Whoo-hoo for Cooper on sleeping through the night, and it's so sweet that he adores Colby so...brothers are sooo sweet! :)

Heather said...

Love the brother picture! He is such a sweet baby boy.

Stephanie said...

Love the pictures.....I'm really wishing I would have had a bumpo when the girls were babies!