Monday, May 3, 2010

Thinking Things Through

I will admit it. Sometimes I don't really take the time to think things through. Last week I was getting ready to give Cooper his bath. The child loves to sit up so without a thought I grabbed the Bumbo seat and plopped it in the tub. Works well with 2 inches of water. Not so well with 4. Yes it floats. Yes I should have known better. And yes I risked the baby tipping over so that I could run and get my camera to take a picture of my stupidity (in my defense Colby was in the tub too and doing a great job of holding him so he didn't flip!)

So what silly thing have you not thought through? I know I'm not the only one who makes these silly mistakes!


Heather said...

That's funny!! We were at an insurance office once with both boys. Trent was 3 and Trace was a few months old. He was big enough to sit up but nowhere near standing. He was crying and Trent was getting impatient and my body temp. by this point had probably reached boiling. Just because I felt that we were causing such a scene. I was holding Trace in my lap and the insurance man asked me to sign a paper so without thinking I "stand" Trace up on the floor and let go! Did he fall because he couldn't stand yet...yes! Did he cry even louder...yes! Did Nathan look at me and say something along the line of "Well that was real smart"...yes! Was I ever so glad to leave that place...yes! Have I been back...NO! They probably wouldn't let us back in if we wanted. Luckily, Trace was not hurt, just fussy.

Chasity said...

WOW, Cooper has grown so much. He's adorable and looks just like Colby. Funny story!

Destiny said...

ok, so gotta bit of a problem... The back to your necklace broke, soshe is gonna try to fix it 2nite but has a party to go to so it maybe thursday! lol. Im really sorry,,,, she doesnt care about anyone elses wants/needs lol

Destiny said...

OMG! i txt her sayin comin to get necklace, and she freakin tells me i got it fixed and left it on my desk! IM SO SORRY!