Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bye Bye Bad News Bears

We are at the start of Colby's second t-ball season and our team parents are thrilled to say bye bye to the Bad News Bears! Our team was so pitiful last year! They only won one game and most games ended with the score board turned off! They were super cute though and had fun so that is truly all that matters...............but this year they have improved SOOOOO much!!

The boys won their first game on Saturday April 17th with a heated 13 to 14 score! We were so proud of them! Colby made his first ever out playing first base! He also got four hits and three RBI's! I was so proud of my little slugger!

Their second game was on Thursday night and our boys did a great job. We didn't walk away with a win, but they played another great game!

I can see this "improvement" as a bad thing is likely to bring out the "crazy mom yelling in the stands" side in me and Jeremy just can't handle that! Here's to a great season for our sweet Cardinals! Enjoy the pictures!

Here is my little slugger! His favorite part is batting. He does very well most times!

Colby LOVES having a girl on our team this year (and she is VERY good!)

Jeremy is one proud Papa. He loves that he is able to be at all of the games this year.

Cooper got to go and watch the Thursday game. He was so good at the ball park.

I could just eat these two up! They are both wonderful boys! I am so blessed!


Nan said...

Isn't it fun to see the kiddos improve their playing skills?! I love all the pictures and hope to see y'all at the ballpark...especially since I'd love to get ahold of Cooper again!!! :)