Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bye Bye Bad News Bears

We are at the start of Colby's second t-ball season and our team parents are thrilled to say bye bye to the Bad News Bears! Our team was so pitiful last year! They only won one game and most games ended with the score board turned off! They were super cute though and had fun so that is truly all that matters...............but this year they have improved SOOOOO much!!

The boys won their first game on Saturday April 17th with a heated 13 to 14 score! We were so proud of them! Colby made his first ever out playing first base! He also got four hits and three RBI's! I was so proud of my little slugger!

Their second game was on Thursday night and our boys did a great job. We didn't walk away with a win, but they played another great game!

I can see this "improvement" as a bad thing is likely to bring out the "crazy mom yelling in the stands" side in me and Jeremy just can't handle that! Here's to a great season for our sweet Cardinals! Enjoy the pictures!

Here is my little slugger! His favorite part is batting. He does very well most times!

Colby LOVES having a girl on our team this year (and she is VERY good!)

Jeremy is one proud Papa. He loves that he is able to be at all of the games this year.

Cooper got to go and watch the Thursday game. He was so good at the ball park.

I could just eat these two up! They are both wonderful boys! I am so blessed!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Cooper

Well Cooper, this post is a whole week late (but the picture was taken on your exact 3 month old day). It seems that I do a lot of things late these days...your mom isn't coordinated enough to get everything done in a timely fashion. Let's just all be thankful that we have plenty of clothes to wear seeing as I only find time to do laundry every couple of weeks or so!

I do have better things to do with my time though. Now that I am working again when I get home from school all I want to do is play with you, Colby, and Daddy!

You are smiling all the time now and you have started laughing and it is the cutest sound in the world! You always seem to laugh at Colby and he loves doing silly things to get you tickled. You have also started talking up a storm in your sweet baby babble.

You have started sleeping all night about 5 out of 7 nights (and on those nights you only get up once)! This makes Mommy a much nicer person for those who have to
endure her during the day!

You love being naked but hate being on your tummy. You love your bouncy seat, bumbo, playmat, and swing but hate your exersaucer that I drove myself crazy trying to find.

We have started taking you places like the grocery store and the ball park on occasion and you are always great. In fact you are such a good baby that it is a bit scary for me and your dad................we are wondering when the other shoe will fall and you will turn on!

We love you and are enjoying every minute of having you in our family!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Family Circus

My life is a circus. There are always a million things going on at once. As you know my boys are full of life. This week has offered a couple of Kodak moments from the sillies that my guys seem to get. Enjoy!

Colby is already torturing his little brother..........."Look Mom........he can fit in the Easter Egg!"

Jeremy picked Colby up by his legs. Jeremy ended up holding this.....(there are no legs in those pants!)

And Colby ended up looking like this!!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Full Plate

On Monday Jeremy had been outside doing yard work while I cooked super inside. When he came in I had made his plate for him (something I NEVER do.) Instead of saying "Thank you," the dear man I married launched into a lecture about how I should make his plate more often "because it's a woman's job to take care of her husband." After I saw red and steam rolled out my ears I picked up his plate, raked all of the food back into the pots, and dumped the empty plate in the sink. I think he learned his lesson.