Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here Fishy, Fishy!

I have had a few requests for the fish story, so here you go.

Colby decided with some of his birthday money he wanted to buy a couple of fish to put in an old fish tank we had in storage. I got the tank out and cleaned it up, but the filter didn't work, so Mommy footed the bill for a new filter. I also got him rocks and a couple of plants to go in the tank to make it pretty. I was out about $40 total. Not too bad.

So Colby is responsible for buying the fish. We go to Petco, a "friendly" pet store. We go in and Colby picks out this beautiful mid size goldfish that he just loves. He sweetly goes and gets a sales clerk and tells him "I need some help with a fish please." Colby brings him over and shows him the fish he wants and the clerk looks at him and says "You can't have that fish little boy. If you take it home with you, you will kill it. I'm not selling it to you."

Well, this Mommy saw RED!! I said, "Excuse me, what did you just say to my child." My tone caused the shaggy haired man in the corner who was talking to the fish to stop and stare along with the Emo couple looking at the snakes with googly eyes.

The little clerk said, "He doesn't need that fish. He'll just kill it." Talk about one pissed off Mommy. The hormones took over and I said, "You know what, you are right. We don't need that fish from you. You can stick the fish up your A$$ and we will go down the road and give our money to someone who has some decency!"

His mouth flew open and the spectators near us applauded as Colby and I stomped out of the store. We got in the car and Jeremy says, "Where's the fish?" Colby said, "That man was mean so Mommy told him he was mean." Lucky translation for me.

So we went down the road to Fishy Business which reeked of incense and blasted Pink Floyd from the speakers and bought two fish that may have been high, but now we have fish.

And that my friends is the fish story. Hope you enjoyed!


Wanda May said...

you need to rent your out...i could use you a lot

Nan said...

I cannot believe the salesperson could actually say something like that! That's just awful!! Hooray for taking Colby to get his fish somewhere else!

Heather said...

Good Job Mommy!! You showed that salesclerk he couldn't mess your child. Nathan is sitting on the couch thinking I'm crazy because I was laughing out loud.

J.J. & Katy said...

Go, Brooke!!!!