Sunday, July 5, 2009

My Happy Place

Many of us have "happy places" that we go to when things start getting a little on the hairy side. Some of us go to them in our minds - we take a mental break from the hectic world around us and envision a peaceful beach or wooded mountain range. Others, like myself, have an actual "happy place" that we go to - physically get up and go to. Mine is the bathroom.

Now, before you start wondering what kind of bathroom I have that is so special, allow me to stop you short. There is nothing luxurious or even all that pretty about my bathroom. It is small and simple. It is cluttered with bath toys and the supplies necessary for Jeremy the cripple to shower. There are old magazines and newspapers in a basket and typically a collection of the days hand soap and toothpaste over sprays left on the sink. It is just a simple bathroom for a family who actually lives in their home.

So what makes it special?

It is the ONLY room in this old house that has a door on it! As most of you know, the house we live in was inherited after my grandmother passed away. It is at least 100 years old and has been built in three separate pieces. Why no one installed doors (including ourselves) I haven't a clue, but regardless the bathroom is the only room that has a door.

So each day........about twice a day.........I hide in my happy place. When it gets too noisy and I have had enough of the "Mom I need" and "Honey will you get me"'s I go to the bathroom and lock the door and sit on Jeremy's comfy little shower chair. I lay my head back on the wall, close my eyes, and breathe slow and steady breathes. The stress melts away and I have a few much needed minutes of me time. Thank goodness for my bathroom!

Anyone else got a "happy place"????


Heather said...

The front porch....and I don't really know why because I can't shut myself away from everything there. I guess it's because I love outside and I have a little fountain in my flower bed so the sound of running water calms me down. So if you ever drive by and I'm sitting on my front porch alone, you'll know it's just too noisy in the house for me.

Nan said...

I must say, the thought of you sitting in the bathroom got a good chuckle! I'm with Heather, sometimes I like to just go out on the porch, sit in one of the rockers and enjoy a few minutes of solitude :o)