Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Attitude Adjuster

There is a wonderful object that lives at the Vincent Household. It is an object so feared by the small that by simply calling it's name or placing it in my hand, the devil horns disappear and the troops fall back in line ready to behave like angels. What is this mystery object???? A wooden spoon.

Once upon a time about three years ago my dear son decided to light a match. I had never had to truly "whip" him before, but was sure that arson called for a whipping and a half, so I grabbed the first thing I came to which was a wooden spoon, and I wore his little hiney out. Apparently this was enough to scar him for life and leave him with a complete aversion to wooden I take advantage of that.

I am proud to say that in his 5 short years Colby has only gotten about 4 REAL whippings. Each time the wooden spoon has come to take care of business. And now literally all I have to do is hold the spoon in my hand and his knees begin to tremble and he begs for mercy.

It is a beautiful thing!!!

Anyone else have an attitude adjuster that you hold dear to your heart??????


Nan said...

That is funny! I have heard of that before and actually thought it sounded like something that would work on my youngest. I went to wallop his hiney and he stuck his bare foot up and it hit his toe! I think it scarred me and him both; I decided I wouldn't ever do that again, but he doesn't know...shhh ;o) "The spoon" is feared in my home too.

The Kyle Family said...

we have the dreaded fly swatters....we have one in each car..and 3 in the house...i'm not kidding....all i have to do is reach for a swatter and...wha laa...mean brats..back to sweet boys!!! lol

Wanda May said...

Since my "baby" is 23, the thing that came to mine for me was my parents Attitude Adjuster. It was the "look", and I knew what was coming, no matter how I acted the rest of the day...guess that is why I am not a "juvie"...Mom and Dad believed in keep