Monday, July 6, 2009

Identity Crisis

Today after work I made the dreaded trip to the Social Security Office in Bowling Green to get a copy of Colby's social security card (yes I am the terrible Mom who lost it!). After I went to the "old" location and got directions I arrived at the new office in Chandler Park...........fancy schmancy!

I went in to the office and much to my surprise it was standing room only! After an excruciating hour long wait my number was finally called. I sat down and spoke to the woman through the plexi glass divider and told her what I needed. I pushed my driver's license, social security card, and Colby's birth certificate through the slot and much to my surprise she informs me, "A birth certificate isn't good enough to get his card."

What?? What other kind of ID does a 5 year old have? She informs me that the only way I can get the card reissued is if I come back, wait another hour, and bring a copy of his immunization certificate with me. This makes no sense at all to me!

So moral of this post................if you are a scatter brained mother like me and have a need to replace a social security card so your little one can start school and you avoid jail time, then take the immunization form with you. Who would have thought it?


Heather said...

I remember having to go to the "old" office once...ugh! I'm pretty sure we waited about 2 hours with a 2 week old baby and to top it all was the morning of 9/11:( So the news was blaring and it was just CRAZY. Thanks for the tip though.

Nan said...

I hate having to go the Social Security office; it's always running over! And what in the world does an immunization certificate prove anyway...what does the kid having shots have to do with getting a SS card?!