Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Language Do I Speak???

Apparently a problem has risen concerning my speaking ability. Unknown to me, from time to time I speak in a different language. This causes massive confusion on my part and leads to ruffled feathers.

For example......

"I would give anything for the yard to get mowed before it rains." translated into "If you go and bum your Dad's push mower I will use it for our 3 acre yard."

"Don't feed the dog the peanut butter." translated into "Wait until I am not looking and let Max lick out of the peanut butter jar."

"I wish we could spend more time together." translated into "I'll wait up for you to get home from work at 11:00 so we can hang out and watch a movie and I can still get up at 5:30."

"That is a bad choice Colby, please do it correctly." translated to "You are not gonna get ANY presents from Santa." (massive tears and cries followed)

Any suggestions to breaking down this language barrier??


Heather said...

Your stories are SO funny!! You get the award for "World's Best Story Teller." By the way, I think it must be a language all mothers speak. Somewhere between our mouths and their brains, it just gets scrambled.

Nan said...

I love Heather's explanation!! I think we call it the mother/wife language :) Oh well, look on the bright side, surely push mowing the yard will help with the weight ticker! AND, you don't have to worry about being tempted with peanut butter; Max took care of that!!