Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Know How My Husband Is Going to Die

I know how my husband is going to die. I know this with 100% certainty, and no, it doesn't pertain to the lawn mower............well our lawn mower anyway..........allow me to explain.

One beautiful day last week I was following my sweet husband home from my dad's house. He was driving 31-W's speed limit of 55 and I was on his bumper going 55 with the windows down and the radio up.

Traffic began to suddenly slow down near the Ballance MotoCross. By the time we got in front of the Ballance Farms traffic was at a crawl. I wondered if there had been an accident or what might be going on..............then it hit me as the scent of fresh cut grass floated through the air................the Ballance's yards were again being the gorgeous young girl in tank top and shorts that mows each year.

It is an amazing phenomenon, but MANY men look forward to her mowing days (the hotter the temperature the more they like it as she seems to dress for the weather). Traffic is always at a snail's pace when she is mowing.........and I can't blame the men.............she is beautiful!

But nevertheless I am certain this is how my husband will die. It will be a warm summer day and he will have forgotten to look for the lawnmower babe and when he sees her he will suddenly come to a stop to stare and someone will run him over.

I hardly think I would have the same impact further down 31-W if I try to mow our yard scantily may speed up to get past faster!!!


Heather said...

Apparently I've never been through there while she's mowing the lawn and I'm guessing Nathan hasn't either or I'd probably heard about it. I might get him to go to Bowling Green a lot more if I told him this.

Nan said...

That's funny!!! Maybe they should install one of those flashing lights that lower the speed limit when she's mowing to help reduce the likelihood of accidents!

Anonymous said...