Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Don't Kiss Off!

Occasionally because of my love for couponing I am able to purchase (or better yet, get for free) a product that I would not typically buy. On a recent trip to CVS I was able to get Revlon Colorstay Overtime lipstick in Endless Brandy for FREE! I was stoked about the item simply because it was free. (Jeremy swears I would take home a sack of poop just because it was FREE!)

I am not a "glam" gal and I do not wear lipstick often.....until I got this product. The product claims to last "overtime." I would consider that claim true. After my first application I was pleased with the color. Two days later the color was still there - not as bright, but still hanging around to make me look silly wearing lipstick with my pajamas and wild morning hair. I ended up having to use a loofah to get the stuff off (not one of my smarter ideas!)

So now I have this pretty lipstick that is made of Lord knows what and stays on for days. I had to test it. So far it has passed EVERY test I have performed!

Kiss my hubby - PASS
Eat - PASS
Brush Teeth - PASS
Brush Lips - PASS
Go to dentist - PASS
Scrub lips with coarse bathroom towel - PASS

Wow! What a deal! Not only was the product free......I only have to use it about twice a week so it will last FOREVER! If you are a lipstick girl this one is for you!!


Heather said...

They must make them better than they used to. I'm more of just a lip gloss kind of gal now, but I used to try to find the lipstick that wouldn't wear off in in 5 minutes. I think you might want to see about being a spokesperson for this product!