Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Spanx" You Very Much!

Well, under the advisement of several of my closest friends and bloggers, I decided to give the "spanx" a whirl to go under my bride's maid dress for Sis's wedding. The dress came in this week so on Saturday we took off to the mall in search of this mystery clothing item you all told me about.

We took the dress into Lane Bryant and they immediately pointed me in the right direction. I found my size and off to the dressing room we went. I was curious about the small package that contained something to smooth all the lumps and bumps on my body, but I figured I should give it a try.

I opened the package and pulled out what looked like panty hose. I held them up to my face to examine them. They were the "higher power" kind and looked like Steve Urkel style biking shorts. They seemed a bit small, but I had to give them a try.

I poked in one leg and PULLED. Not much progress. I PULLED again. Still little progress. I put my other leg in and tried jumping up and down. That helped a little. After about three minutes of jumping, shaking, and other movements that bordered on convulsions, I got the spanx on. My immediate reaction was that I looked like a stuffed sausage. The spanx went from under my boobs to about mid thigh. I laughed at myself.........for a while........and then put on the dress.

It worked wonders!!! Wow! What an amazing product once you get it on! There was only one little "bump" on my tummy and the sales lady examined my dress and under the dress (ugh) and said that the lump was from my underwear and I wasn't suppose to wear them with the spanx anyway so that wouldn't be there on the wedding day.

Wait a minute...............those things have a hole in the she serious or was this sales lady having a good time at my expense????? Come on!!!!


Heather said...

Just so you know, I got the visual of the Steve Urkel biking shorts:) I have to say, the crotchless/no-underwear thing would take me some getting used to.

Stephanie said...

Brooke...I don't actually know you (well we are facebook buddies, so we kinda know of each other)...but you are so funny! I almost laughed out loud reading this post and several of the other ones. Thanks for the laughs:)