Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend Fun

The weather we experienced over the last weekend was beautiful! It allowed us some much anticipated family time outdoors. In that time the following occurred:

1. I learned how to go from a sitting position to a standing position while bouncing on the trampoline.

2. I caught a 3 pound blue gill and Jeremy caught a minnow while fishing!

3. Jeremy actually cooked, but the pan he was cooking the chicken in exploded and we lost our "secret sauce" flavor when we had to wash the glass off of the chicken.

4. I got the nerve up to tell Bridezilla that I will not be going on her bachelorette party trip before the wedding........I am afraid I may see her in a future episode of "Girls Gone Wild" and I'm just not up to that level of partying! She is now refusing to speak to me...........again.

5. We got the riding mower fixed, but Jeremy rode while I used the push mower to trim out the yard............what the %$#@!!!!

6. We went to Pepper's where the wait staff and manager asked us why we only had one child. When I smiled and said "that's not up to us," they laughed, spoke in Spanish, then told us we need to do it more!

7. Colby apparently doesn't agree with the Pepper's employees.......he told my mom and dad that Jeremy and I spend too much time kissing and stuff.

What a fun weekend!


Heather said...

Laughing....once again!! Love the push mower part and the fact that you and Jeremy are too romantic with each other. Don't and Bridezilla will be talking again soon. The bride can't stay mad at the Matron of Honor long...there's too much she depends on you for!!

The Stice's said...

You are hilarious!! I always read your posts to Ryan!

Nan said...

LOVE your post!! Don't you just love to out-fish a guy?!

Mama Mia said...