Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Texting Has Improved Our Marriage!

Yes, you read the title right. Texting has improved our marriage. Allow me to explain!

About a month ago Jeremy FINALLY figured out how to text. With a little coaxing and practice he got it down pat. In the time since I have received about three texts a day from him give or take a couple. Some of my favorites include:

-"I love you."
-"You are my sunshine."
-"Whatever you say dear."
-"Sorry I am an idiot."
-"We'll do it your way then."
-"Anything you want honey."
-"I'm and idiot again."
-"I'll stop being an idiot."

See! Wouldn't that make you feel better about marriage if you were getting texts like these?? He doesn't always apologize in person but via texting he feels safe saying "sorry" and "oops I'm an idiot......again".

The thing I like even better than the text apologies and admittance of stupidity is the text flirting! That can really spice things up too!

Do you and your loved one text? If not............give it a whirl!!!


Nan said...

That is SO funny!! Yeah, I taught Jason to text since he's not allowed to use his cell phone at work, and he can text on the sly when he's on break! I had to tell him to keep it to a minimum because we do not have a texting package and those were running up the bill. I must say, if he were to text me on a daily basis saying he was an idiot, I'd have to let him!!! I'd even have to reply back, "I told you so!" ;)

Jeremy, Shauna, & Kennedy said...

I love it when Jeremy text-flirts with me!! You are so right!

Lesley said...

Great topic : ) We are texters too (if texters isn't a word, it should be) What I like best is when he is too busy to answer the phone I can send a text that says "CALL ME QUICK!!" or "There is an emergency" and he'll call everytime!