Friday, April 17, 2009

My Lunch Date

Today I ate with lunch with one of the strangest people I have ever shared a meal with. It was a man in his late twenties/early thirties. He had a shaggy beard and stringy hair pulled back in a ponytail. He was a sub at the school that I was working at today.

When I entered the lounge I didn't think much was wrong with the man so I sat down near him and said hello. Apparently this translated into "I'm going to be friendly so come and sit with me."

He talked about a variety of things....a stereo stolen....a kid he had in class..... a movie he had seen.....etc. I only grinned and nodded because I was too focused on the fact that he continually put salt on his hand and licked it off.......and he had a big glob of white goo on his check......and he blinked 1,000 times per second.

I couldn't handle it! I woofed down my lunch in a record 9 minutes (easily done since I had really lost my appetite!), smiled, and excused myself from my disgusting lunch partner.

I have eaten with toddlers withe better table manners!! Anyone else have a gross lunch date story???


Nan said...

Well that sounds a might bit odd ;) Do they actually screen the folks they let sub?!

As for your prior post...never fails I will run into the very folks that will be the most likely to notice my appearance!! You know the ones...never a hair out of place, their face has never actually been exposed to the sunlight because make-up is applied prior to getting out of bed, and have never thought about leaving their house in less than designer fashion!!!