Thursday, April 30, 2009

Transforming My Skin

With only 17 days until Bridezilla's wedding, I must get started with my "cosmetic" preparations for the event. In an effort to avoid having a matron of honor with a farmer's tan, Sis purchased a very nice tanning bed package for me from Express Tan. It is called the "sampler package" and in course of five visits I am going to have laid in five different beds and will have transformed my skin from the hues of white and brown of my farmers tan to a rich bronze color all over.

In high school and college I laid in the tanning bed quite a bit, but I have not been in the last five years at all. Apparently in that amount of time tanning beds have changed. The beds that I have always laid in looked like this:

When I went on a "tour" of Express Tan to view the "sampler package" of beds I was able to see things that look like this:

This should be interesting..............


Heather said...

Those are awesome!! I've not been either since Trace was born. So I too, am out-dated when it comes to tanning beds. I'm wondering about the last picture though. That bed looks a little strange.
Here's what I done for my sister's sprayed!!!! Yes, I looked like a FREAK that night but luckily after a shower the next morning it was toned down a bit for the wedding. It was the middle of July (outside wedding), and I just knew there would be brown water dripping off me before the day was over.
You need to post a before and after picture!

Nan said...

I'm with Heather...that last machine does look a little strange. I've been trying to figure out how it works, so you'll have to pass along the info!