Friday, May 1, 2009

More Wedding Chaos is May...........we are fully immersed in is coming to a close.........and the wedding is only 15 days away! Now I realize that some of you may be wondering if I am exaggerating certain points when I complain about this wedding, but rest assured that I speak the truth when I describe Bridezilla's world!

Mom and Sis have fought over EVERY single detail of the wedding and reception. Where will it be? How will we decorate? What kind of food will we have? Who will we invite? Where will we get the tuxes/dresses/food/Valium? Seriously......every detail has been a battle. For a while my dear Daddy and I were stuck playing mediator to the battling ladies, but we finally stopped even discussing the wedding and simply turned into bobble heads grinning and nodding along with whichever one of them was ranting along. That made life much easier!

Now as we are quickly approaching the wedding day (thank God) there have been several unexpected events that seem to make things less than perfect for the day ahead. The wedding is at Fountain Square Park and the reception is at the L & N Depot on May 16th.

Also on May 16th is:

1. WKU graduation...........granted it is in the morning, but we have all experienced the extra traffic that brings to the town.

2. There are at least 3 proms that we know about that day..........and everyone likes to take pictures at Fountain Square Park...........I seriously had a dream that loud teenage prom goers were taking pictures during the wedding and she stopped the ceremony to tell them off..........and I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened!!

3. There is a BG Hot Rods game near the same time as the wedding...........and parking is crazy downtown where are the guests going to park?

4. This week the good old city of Bowling Green decided to dig up the tulips at Fountain Square Park and give them flowers for her after all!

So each night I get a phone call from Bridezilla where she screams into the phone her daily complaints and I hold the phone about 12 inches from my ear and listen. After her 5-10 minute rant with not a single breath of air, I try to assure her that things will be okay.

What advice can I give? Well dear Sis, you are getting ready to get married.........this wedding planning will seem like a cakewalk compared to all the obstacles you are going to face in the next 100 years as a wife!!!!


Heather said...

Wow, talk about everything being the same week! I guess she is freaking out a bit. Oh well, I'm sure it will all work out. Just don't forget to stock up on the nerve pills that day. 'Cause if she's this frazzled now, what is she going to be like that day!! You know she's going to be looking back at all this a few years from now thinking this was a BREEZE!