Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Washing Machine

I have a washing machine that I hate. Sure, it gets my clothes clean, but it has to have some coaxing to get the job done...........must be part man! You see, the agitator in the washer is going out and about 80% of the time it will not agitate the clothing around to get them I have to assist. I stick my arm in and swish it around and around for about 1/2 of the cycle.........great upper body workout! I disliked doing laundry before this, but now this chore is a lot worse. I happen to cuss and fuss quite frequently during my washing these days. And I have found out that my laundry loads could be cut in nearly half if my husband wasn't so prissy! He dirties up more clothes than Colby and I put together! He has clothes he works in, clothes he sleeps in, clothes he will go places in, and clothes to work in the yard in. This equals four outfits each day! It drives me crazy! Now his life has been threatened and he is wearing fewer outfits each day, but geez!! Give me a break Jeremy!


Nan said...

I have a suggestion...make Jeremy play "agitator" for his own clothes!! I bet that'll cut down on the amount of clothes he wears in a days time! :)

Heather said...

You have a great exercise program going between the push mower and the washing machine!! I know what you mean about the four outfits a day...except mine is Trace. He just likes to change clothes!