Sunday, May 3, 2009

Head Scratchin'

Every once in a while things happen that make you kinda stop, wrinkle your face up into a confused grimace, and scratch your head. You may be puzzled. You may be baffled. You may be fighting the urge to pounce on an offender. You may be trying to keep yourself out of hot water. Here are my head scratches of the weekend.

1. At Sis's shower I heard my mother asking someone if they had read my blog. They said no and asked her what it was answered "I don't know....I can't use a computer and it scares me to think about what she writes about." Head scratch.

2. Our female boxer is in heat so we have her pinned up in order to prevent more puppies. While working on the pin this weekend Jeremy looked at the dog, looked at me, and said, "Wow. I sure am glad your butt doesn't swell up like that when you are in heat." Head scratch.

3. Colby told my brother in law (who is completely full of crap), "My Momma says you are full of crap." Head scratch.

4. I got a phone call this weekend from a relative that truly drives me mad. When I picked up the phone and realized it was her I repeatedly said " anyone there," and then hung on...........when I run into her I will blame it one bad reception. Head scratch.

So, you must now tell me. What has made you scratch your head lately??