Sunday, May 17, 2009

Introducing Meagan and Jamie Wilson!

For the past 7 years my little Sis has been dating Jamie Wilson. They are crazy about each other and in December of 2007 Jamie proposed to Meagan. For the past 1 1/2 years they have been planning the wedding - and it has finally come and gone! You all know how stressful the wedding has been on all of us from my previous posts, so I am THRILLED to report that everything went VERY well!

We began our day at our good friend Melissa Lynch's beauty shop where she fixed our hair and our good friend Jessica Long fixed our makeup. Everything looked wonderful and bubbly was flowing to calm some of the pre-wedding jitters. I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw my mom tipping back a mimosa to ease her nerves (perhaps this could be a solution to many of our problems!!)

When then left the shop and went to my house because I had forgotten the all important Spanx. They worked wonders, but I am not liking the whole "crotchless" aspect of it....especially 8 hours later when I got to take them off!

Meagan, Krystal (her room mate and bridesmaid, Lindsey (her new cousin in law), and I all arrived at the L & N Depot at 3:00 to get dressed and take pictures. I snapped a few pictures before the ceremony of the decorations. Donna Long made the cake which looked exactly like something in a Modern Bride magazine (she is amazing! We love you Donna!)

There was a huge crowd at the ceremony. The music was surprisingly good (picture a hawaiian version of Darius Rucker singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow) and tears were kept to a minimum during the ceremony (only Mom and Dad cried that I know of!)

After Colby turned over the rings to the preacher he really wasn't interested in holding the pillow any more. Therefore he balanced it on one hand, balanced it on his head, and tossed it up and caught it. Once his life was sufficiently threatened he was good again.

Most of the crowd stayed for the reception and everyone had a blast. Colby sang Johnny Cash's song "Jackson" for everyone (I was so surprised by this!) and he really cut a rug on the dance floor. He said it was one of the best times he had ever had!

I know you all have thought I was terrible for posting some of the things I have posted about my sis and the wedding planning. I never told a was all true and if you know my family very well you can understand this, but everything went perfectly and I am so happy to know Meagan and Jamie are starting their lives together as husband and wife. Here's to a wonderful life time of love and happiness for them!! Enjoy the pictures! They are in no particular order.


Heather said...

WOW!!!! Everything is gorgeous!! She looked beautiful, you looked beautiful, and of course, Colby looked very handsome in his tux:)

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Nan said...

I love all the pictures, and I'm glad everything went well!!! (Love the shots of Colby!!)

The Stice's said...

Such a beautiful wedding!!

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