Friday, May 29, 2009

Under the Weather

The other day I made a comment about how Colby had been so luck and had not been sick for nearly a year. Why I actually spoke those words aloud I will never know! My little guy is feeling pretty yucky now. :(

He has been running a fever and complaining with his throat hurting today so we went to the doctor. Our regular doctor, Dr. Kelly, was out so we saw the on call physician. He said that there is a virus going around that consists of sore throat and fever and it lasts for 48-72 hours. Because it is a virus we have to ride it out without any prescriptions, but we can give ibuprofen and tylenol on a rotating schedule for the fever and pain.

Colby is just laying around now watching cartoons and burning up. His fever is 102.6 right now. Anyone got a good tip for naturally helping a fever ease up??


Heather said...

Not really. I just give the Motrin and we usually put a cool, damp cloth on the forehead. I don't know if it really helps the fever but it makes my boys feel a little cooler. Hope he gets to feeling better real soon.

DJ and Jill said...

Aw poor guy! And poor you having a hubby and little boy to take care of. Samuel started running a fever a couple of hours ago and I just made the comment, "I don't think there is anything going around." Like you, I guess I spoke too soon!

jparsley said...

Sorry Colby is under the weather. What works best for us for fever is alternate Tylenol/Motrin, lukewarm baths and dressing in loose/cool clothing and a cool washcloth. Sometimes it seems like cold drinks or popsicles help a little too! Good luck! Sick little ones are no fun at all