Monday, March 30, 2009

Addictive Behavior

This weekend Colby informed someone in the grocery store that he loves Benedryl........his Mommy gives it to him all the time. As the woman walked away with a shaky smile and raised eyebrows I had to question my parenting skills. Was this the beginning of an addictive behavior? Is he addicted to the allergy medicine that so quickly allows him to breathe during the toughest pollen season of the year and easily controls the snot quantity in our home OR am I addicted to the sleepiness that follows a dose of the sweet pink liquid?

A good parent would go with the former (in all honesty he does have pretty nasty allergies), but I have to admit the exhausted portion of my body goes with the latter on occassion.

I guess I am in the clear as long as he isn't begging for Benedryl or going through withdrawals if he doesn't have it!

Anybody else bordering their child on an addiction?


Heather said...

My children love bubble gum tylenol/motrin. Trace actually gets upset if Trent is sick and gets some and he doesn't.

Nan said...

Well, I can't pay Jacob to take medicine of any kind, and even when I do give Matthew meds for allergy or cold symptoms, they NEVER make him sleepy!! I got a little too excited when they gave him pain reliever with codeine in it when he broke his arm because I thought he would at least sleep well...ha,ha,ha!! You'd have thought he drank water! Six hours later, he was still up and at it!!

DJ and Jill said...

Benadryl has the total opposite effect on Samuel. It makes him so hyper!!!