Sunday, March 15, 2009


It has been a one of a kind weekend at the Vincent household. I have cooked 5 homemade meals and no one has turned their noses up or fallen dead. I know - you are stunned - so is my family. I am making a valiant effort to try and do a little more homemade cooking and this weekend was a success.

Now. You are scratching your heads because I have told you of my cooking success and the title of my blog entry is Fireproof. Well, believe it or not it has nothing to do with the kitchen this time!

Last night we rented the movie Fireproof starring Kirk Cameron. It is a movie about a couple who is having trouble in their marriage and the steps they took to fix their troubles based on faith in God. It was a great movie. It did not have the best acting in it, but the message was sound and important.

Jeremy and I have been married for nearly seven years now and like every couple we have had our share of ups and downs. Right now we get along better than we ever have. We play and give each other a hard time, but we love each other unconditionally. This movie was great for us just to remind us of the importance of being the partner we each need to be. This movie would also be great for those who are maybe in a rocky spot in their marriage and need to get back on the right track to make things work for their relationship. If you get the chance, I think you should watch Fireproof with your spouse. No matter what stage your marriage is in, you will benefit from watching the movie.

The movie also has an informative website found at