Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Value of Pocket Change

I can vividly remember my Dad popping me in the back of the head one time when I was a teenager. I had cleaned out my purse and in the process I had tossed about 35 cents worth of change in the trash can because it was "nasty" from being in the far corners of my purse. Had I known then the TRUE value of pocket change, I would have NEVER tossed away a penny..........not even to make a wish!

You see, Colby has decided that he will absolutely die if he does not get the Nerf Assault Riffle. It is amazing..........shoots approximately 20 darts in 10 seconds, all in automatic succession. GREAT! It's just what my ZOO of a home needs!

I told Colby that he could get it if he could save up the money. To earn money this week he has:

-stolen all of his Daddy's pocket change
-taken out the trash
-cleaned up his bedroom (this earned him a WHOLE DOLLAR because his room was knee deep in toys!
-ate the rest of his supper
-let me have five minutes alone in the bathroom
-went to sleep without a fit
-told his Pa that he would sit in his lap for a quarter
-picked up a dead mouse in the yard that I didn't want to touch (wearing plastic GLOVES!!)

He is starting to learn how to manipulate more money out of his family each day, but he is well on his way to purchase his gun. Colby has $17.57 so far ($12 of which he already had in his piggy bank).....can he earn the rest for the gun?

Pocket change can really make a difference for these little guys...........I wish I had more of it.......perhaps I would be able to type this blog with no interruptions!


Heather said...

Yes, I remember when pocket change was just pocket change. Now, I get so excited when I'm doing laundry and I find a penny in a pocket!

Nan said...

I don't ever remember a day that I threw even a penny aside! I used to dig through all the seats in the house looking for extra "money"! The best places to search were in Papaw's recliner and under his seat in the car...he was always losing change :) I collect all the change I can now and use it to buy my Mickey D's Sweet Tea!!!