Sunday, March 22, 2009

Are You Okay Miss?

On Wednesday Colby was jumping on the trampoline and he landed incorrectly and he sprained his knee. He was so upset and I ran toward the sounds of his screams as fast as my legs would carry me. I got to him and climbed on the trampoline to console my baby. When he finally decided he was ready to go inside and ice it and take some ibuprofen I made my way off of the trampoline. My foot missed the chair we climb in and out of and I fell. My arm now looks like this thanks to my wonderful gracefulness!

We were in Chuck E Cheese for a birthday party over the weekend and an older woman came over to me and asked me if I was okay. I said "yes" puzzled at her question. She then touched my arm and said, "Are you SURE you are okay honey." Whoops. I explained to her what had happened but I couldn't help but notice the way her eyes kept flickering from my arm to my husband standing beside me.

After we finally got away from this stranger Jeremy whispered in my ear, "Please were long sleeves in public until your arm heals.....I don't want people thinking I am beating you!" I laughed and told him he had better walk a line or else I'm turning him in!..............I think a small part of him actually believes that I am serious! ;)

Oh, and Colby's knee is fine now! He limped for a couple of days but all is well again!


Nan said...

Girl, that arm looks awful! Are you sure you didn't get that when you went over to you-know-who's??!! ;) I'm glad Colby's knee is okay...I bet he's getting excited about t-ball!

Jeremy, Shauna, & Kennedy said...

Ouch!! That looks painful!!

Brandie said...

Great!!! This gives me high hopes considering we just got!! Poor thing that bruise looks terrible..glad everyone is okay!