Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Little Bit of This and That

I haven't had much to post lately, which I guess is a good thing! Jeremy goes back to the doctor on Tuesday and we are hoping he gets released to go back to work. He only has three weeks until his short term disability will expire so surely the doctor will work with us on that...........if not it will cost him his job, but we are praying Dr. Burch is an understanding man. I can't believe he has been off for nearly 6 months! It has been excruciating at moments, but overall we have enjoyed our extra time together. Everyone please say a little prayer he gets to go back to work and hopefully ends up on third shift!!

All is well in the baby department. Baby #2 is officially the same size Colby was when he was born (2 lbs 15 ounces)! I am so happy that this baby is growing the way he should be, but it does scare me to think of how much bigger I will get as he continues to grow!!! I swear, Jeremy and I will think this baby is half grown when it gets here compared to Colby! Baby #2 has fallen into a pretty predictable pattern with movement so maybe he will be one of those wonder babies who continues that when he gets here.....yeah right! I am feeling good, but get very tired at the end of the day. I try to stay off of my feet (which are beginning to swell) as much as I can, but working in a school does not make that possible very often! Not having a name for #2 yet is really starting to eat at me, but I am hoping it comes to us soon! We go back to Nashville November 2nd and Dr. Lyons November 4th.

Colby has had a bit of a rough week at school. He has cried at school for me twice this week and cried every night begging not to go, but we chalked it up to him not feeling well. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday to find that he had a pretty nasty sinus infection and upper respiratory infection. We kept him home on Wednesday and sent him back to school Thursday. Before we got to school on Thursday he began to cry not wanting to go again and come to find out he was getting picked on by another kid on the school bus. We are hoping that thanks to the driver and principal that this is taken care of and Colby feels more comfortable soon!

This weekend is going to be very laid back for all of us. I am caught up on house work, so I may work a little on my graduate classes, but I plan to mostly rest. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Nan said...

I hope that everything works out for Jeremy to go back to work, and am so happy for you all that "Baby #2" is healthy and growing well!! I'm really glad you found out what was going on with Colby, and hopefully it is all taken care of. Take care!! :)