Monday, October 26, 2009

Wanna Make Some Money?

I know that there is not a single soul who reads this blog that would not like to make some extra money. I have stumbled upon a way to make a little extra cash selling books that I no longer need. Cash4Books is a website that allows you to simply enter in the ISBN number for the book and then with one swift click they will tell you how much they will pay you for those books you no longer need. I have sold a few novels for $3-$5 each, kids books for $2-$4 each, and several textbooks that have brought up to $50 each!!! You pay no shipping at all and if you choose to sell your books they will pay you via pay pal or check. The process takes about 3 weeks from the time you ship the books until you get your payment.

Come on! I have made a little over $200 getting rid of books that were just cluttering up our house! Who would pass that up?

If you are interested click on the link Cash4Books.

Happy Selling!!!


Tiffany said...

Thanks for the tip, Brooke! I just gave this site a try! I have a Marketing book that I paid an outrageous amount for ( and I only used it for 3 weeks during a Winter term class!) The bookstore wouldn't buy it back because the professor would no longer be using it. Cash4Books will pay me $16 for it. That is definitely worth my time to ship it...and it is one less huge book that will be cluttering my bookshelf. Thanks, again!

The Stice's said...

Ryan read your blog last night and is now dragging books out from everywhere to see if he can sell them! Thanks for the tip! :)