Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Am the Smartest Woman Alive!

I may not have all the book smarts in the world. I may not be over flowing with common sense, but in the past few years I have mastered the art of manipulating my husband, which I think has earned me the title of Smartest Woman Alive!

As we have cleaned and organized storage buildings, closets, bedrooms, etc this week we have come across many items that Jeremy had forgotten he had. The yearbooks and photo albums of days by gone, cards that were given to him for his birthday, clothes that have been buried for nearly a decade. I have no trouble packing this stuff away or trashing some of it all together. My husband has a different perspective on the artifacts of "The Good Ole' Days." They must stay. They are still could. And my favorite - They can STILL BE WORN!

So after watching my husband squeeze his 2XL body into a size large Edmonson County football 1997 t-shirt, a brilliant idea came to mind. First I sent him to his dad's to get something - just to get him out of my hair. Then, I took all of those t-shirts that he THINKS he can still wear and washed them (in HOT water praying for shrinkage) and then showed them to Colby. I told him that he could have the shirts and that Daddy would think he was so cool for wearing them...............that's all it took. Colby has a few new shirts to sleep in and I don't have to watch Jeremy try to keep his shirt from rolling up his belly anymore..........see...........told you I deserve the title of Smartest Woman least in the Vincent household!!!


Nan said...

Ha! I love it!! Jason has LOTS of stuff that he can't bear to part with thinking he just might need it one day! Bad thing is, I'm a sentimental fool and keep way too much stuff...I've been working on that and have tossed or sold lots of stuff! Too bad for you too, I had tons of little boy goodies that I sold at a yard sale a couple of years ago that I would have loved to let you borrow! I do draw a line at clothes...if I can't wear them, they are not sticking around to make me sad :) (I DO have a few of my basketball and softball shirts stuffed away in the attic somewhere :p )

Heather said...

Nathan is like that too. BUT, every once in a while he gets in the "throwing away spirit" and will get rid of stuff. I'm like Natalie, I have sold most of my baby stuff (I do still have some clothes that haven't sold.) I don't have a lot of luck getting rid of clothes in a yard sale. (Some of there favorite baby outfits I kept:o) Couldn't bear to part with them. As far as stuff other than clothes, I don't have anything. Love the idea of recycling the shirts!!