Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission (Almost) Accomplished

This week my husband has called me Satan. I reminded him that that is his mother's name and he must choose differently. He then called me Demon Woman. That's fine. Through all of his name calling, growling, and gnashing of teeth we have gotten A LOT of things accomplished this week!!

-All baby clothes are washed and in their proper places.
-The crib is up (fastened with bolts and not zip ties as he suggested).
-The closets have been changed over from spring/summer to winter/fall (and my clothing selection has gotten depressingly smaller - Anybody got any bigger sized maternity clothes to loan out? I am literally working with two pair of pants and about five shirts!)
-Walls have been scrubbed the house has been totally cleaned up!
-Quite a bit of "junk" has made it's way to either storage or the burn pile
-The storage building has been emptied out and arranged so one can find things much easier.

Now all that is left to do is our back room. The back room in our house is where the wood burning stove is located. In the winter it is a warm (or hot) haven, but during the off seasons it is a dumping ground for all junk I don't have time to deal with at the given moment. This is the last room that needs to be cleaned out and my game plan is to tackle it today. Jeremy is thinking differently. We'll see who wins this war!

I have been pleased to get so much accomplished on Fall Break. We even had a couple of fun days in the process, but I do wish I had rested more. I constantly feel like the energy has been zapped from my body, but I know that is part of the miracle growing inside of me! I'll take whatever comes my way for a healthy baby!

Oh, and a total off the wall comment. I have figured out that if I give my blood thinner shots in a STRETCH MARK that they do not hurt has bad!!! How about that! Those things come in handy after all! I am still black and blue, but at least each injection is not torture now!!!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!


Nan said...

Hoo-rah for all the accomplishments!! Doesn't that just make you feel better to know that it's all taken care of?! So glad you found a use for stretch marks...heehee ;)

Brooke said...

We did get the back room cleaned out today too!! So much less junk in the house! Yay!!

DJ and Jill said...

What size maternity clothes are you needing? I can go through what I have and see if I have anything for you to borrow.

Brooke said...

Lord Jill, probably bigger than you have. I am wearing XL and XXL stuff right now. Thanks for looking though!

DJ and Jill said...

I'm pretty sure I have XL stuff. And, hey! It's stretchy so you never know. I'll look this week and get back to you.