Monday, October 5, 2009

Checking Off on the To Do List

We are now officially 24 weeks, and although I have no reason to panic about baby number 2 making his arrival, I am. We are a little over 8 weeks away from when Colby made his blustery entrance into the world and so my need to "prepare just in case" for this baby's arrival has taken over.

After miscarriage number two we had virtually given up on our family expanding. I sold every baby item I had with the exception of Colby's crib and bedding set and one tote of clothes that were to precious to part with. Now it is as if we are completely starting from scratch again. (Anyone got anything you are ready to loan out or part with??)

I got out the clothes that I had left over and the items my mom and Jeremy's dad have bought us in the last few weeks and I have gotten them washed and put away. I even washed the preemie things "just in case" praying they get NO USE this time.

I have misplaced the hardware to the crib, so on Sunday we loaded up the crib in the truck and headed to Lowe's. We took the crib in and didn't leave until we had the exact screws needed to make the crib work properly.

We live in a tiny little two bedroom house so today we are moving furniture around to put the crib in mine and Jeremy's room. Closets are being changed from spring/summer to fall/winter and anything that is in this house that we don't need or use is getting tossed.

By the end of the week we plan to be baby ready. Yes I am secretly starting to panic without any real reason to do so, but I am blaming all this early prep on my OCD and the fact that this is most likely the only week I will have off from work and not have grad school classes too!

Wish me luck..............and you had better pray for Jeremy. I will most likely work him harder this week than he has worked since he got hurt in May!!!


Robin Lich said...

i love reading your post. They are so funny. I have two extra graco car seat bases if you need one. I only want 15.00 each. Congrats on the new baby boy to come.

Wanda May said...

Do we have a name yet....