Friday, October 9, 2009

Nashville Trip

On Thursday we had a fun filled day in Nashville. The day started with my Dr. appointment with Dr. Graves at Baptist. She did another ultrasound of baby #2. Colby thought that the "snot" they put on my belly was disgusting, but decided it was very "cool" that the "magic wand" showed the baby on the computer. We got a couple of very good profile shots this time.

The reason for this ultrasound was because there is one shot of the baby's heart that they need to get in order to establish that everything with #2 is perfect. We were not able to get the shot (although the doctor says there seems to be nothing to worry about at all, they just have to have the shot to complete their profile on the baby). We were however able to establish how stubborn #2 seems to be. Last time he moved non-stop. This time he stayed curled in a little ball so no one could see. We will be traveling back to the doctor in three weeks to try the picture again. Maybe third time is a charm!

Dr. Graves supported Dr. Lyons comments on the change over for my blood thinner shots. She did state that considering all that went on with Colby that she and Dr. Lyons will probably feel comfortable with us having #2 around 36 weeks or as soon as we know he is at a healthy size and is doing well. She doesn't want to risk keeping him in too long and allowing things to unexpectedly change. So we may be welcoming our second son sooner than we thought..............I don't think #2 is going to jive on the birth certificate so we HAVE to come up with a name!!!

After the doctor's office we traveled over to the Nashville Zoo. We had a great time and Jeremy was able to make the walk through very well! I was so happy to know he has healed enough to walk as much as we did yesterday! I had a lot of pressure from #2 in my pelvis, but other than that, I think Jeremy and I managed the walk better than Colby did! He was wiped out by the time we left!

There were several animals for us to see and it was not crowded at all. We had a really good time at the zoo together! We are really trying to make these last few months as an only child special for Colby and we are cherishing the time we have with him.

I can't believe fall break is almost over. Time seems to travel so fast anymore. I hope everyone has had a wonderful break!!


Nan said...

Love all of the pictures! I'm so glad that your check-up went well! Yes, you better be coming up with a name soon...that 36 week mark will be here before you know it :o) So excited for you all!!!

Heather said...

So glad you had a good day. Get to working on that name:o)

J.J. & Katy said...

Looks like you guys had a great time at the zoo! Sorry we couldn't get together! I hope you have a great first week back to school - as great as it can be... lol.