Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good News Today!

After nearly 6 months off for his Achilles tendon break, Jeremy has FINALLY been released to go back to work!! Even better, he will be going back to his same position at Magna on the tow-motor which will be easier for him to adjust to the long work hours. And.........he will be on 3rd shift! We were terrified that he might end up on 2nd and with Colby that would be terrible, but he is on 3rds! So he begins on Sunday night! We are so thankful he has healed up and can go back! Plus, he will finally be making money again! Thank goodness!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wanna Make Some Money?

I know that there is not a single soul who reads this blog that would not like to make some extra money. I have stumbled upon a way to make a little extra cash selling books that I no longer need. Cash4Books is a website that allows you to simply enter in the ISBN number for the book and then with one swift click they will tell you how much they will pay you for those books you no longer need. I have sold a few novels for $3-$5 each, kids books for $2-$4 each, and several textbooks that have brought up to $50 each!!! You pay no shipping at all and if you choose to sell your books they will pay you via pay pal or check. The process takes about 3 weeks from the time you ship the books until you get your payment.

Come on! I have made a little over $200 getting rid of books that were just cluttering up our house! Who would pass that up?

If you are interested click on the link Cash4Books.

Happy Selling!!!

Our Dirty Laundry

Explain to me how ONE man can be the cause for more dirty laundry per day than Colby and myself create? It amazes me, but apparently Jeremy has a desperate need to change clothes multiple times. He has an outfit to wear to therapy, an outfit to work in the yard, and outfit to go visit people or go to the store, pj's to lay around the house in, and then something different to sleep in. I really don't understand!!! Any explanations..........aside from "Men are Stupid!"???

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Little Bit of This and That

I haven't had much to post lately, which I guess is a good thing! Jeremy goes back to the doctor on Tuesday and we are hoping he gets released to go back to work. He only has three weeks until his short term disability will expire so surely the doctor will work with us on that...........if not it will cost him his job, but we are praying Dr. Burch is an understanding man. I can't believe he has been off for nearly 6 months! It has been excruciating at moments, but overall we have enjoyed our extra time together. Everyone please say a little prayer he gets to go back to work and hopefully ends up on third shift!!

All is well in the baby department. Baby #2 is officially the same size Colby was when he was born (2 lbs 15 ounces)! I am so happy that this baby is growing the way he should be, but it does scare me to think of how much bigger I will get as he continues to grow!!! I swear, Jeremy and I will think this baby is half grown when it gets here compared to Colby! Baby #2 has fallen into a pretty predictable pattern with movement so maybe he will be one of those wonder babies who continues that when he gets here.....yeah right! I am feeling good, but get very tired at the end of the day. I try to stay off of my feet (which are beginning to swell) as much as I can, but working in a school does not make that possible very often! Not having a name for #2 yet is really starting to eat at me, but I am hoping it comes to us soon! We go back to Nashville November 2nd and Dr. Lyons November 4th.

Colby has had a bit of a rough week at school. He has cried at school for me twice this week and cried every night begging not to go, but we chalked it up to him not feeling well. I took him to the doctor on Tuesday to find that he had a pretty nasty sinus infection and upper respiratory infection. We kept him home on Wednesday and sent him back to school Thursday. Before we got to school on Thursday he began to cry not wanting to go again and come to find out he was getting picked on by another kid on the school bus. We are hoping that thanks to the driver and principal that this is taken care of and Colby feels more comfortable soon!

This weekend is going to be very laid back for all of us. I am caught up on house work, so I may work a little on my graduate classes, but I plan to mostly rest. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Halloween Costume

I need to gripe just a little bit. We ordered Colby an Optimus Prime costume that he had fallen in LOVE with from the Lillian Vernon catalog. This is the first year that my mom has not made Colby's costume, so it was our first time ordering and I figured Lillian Vernon would have good quality costumes.........WRONG!!

The costume that I paid $39.95 for plus $10.99 STANDARD shipping and handling for looked exactly like something you would buy for $12.97 off of the rack at Walmart! I was just disgusted!

Colby is crazy about the costume though, so we didn't want to break his heart and take it back (and I worried that there was not enough time anyway this close to Halloween) so we have let him keep it.........but it is currently at mom's for some "revising." She is going to take it apart and use the basics to make a sturdier costume so he can wear it more than once...........he will live in it if I let him!

So, as a Mommy consumer, I wanted to pass along to you my boo-hoo tail of the pitiful Halloween costume. Maybe it was a one time thing, but we will NOT be ordering from Lillian Vernon again!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mission (Almost) Accomplished

This week my husband has called me Satan. I reminded him that that is his mother's name and he must choose differently. He then called me Demon Woman. That's fine. Through all of his name calling, growling, and gnashing of teeth we have gotten A LOT of things accomplished this week!!

-All baby clothes are washed and in their proper places.
-The crib is up (fastened with bolts and not zip ties as he suggested).
-The closets have been changed over from spring/summer to winter/fall (and my clothing selection has gotten depressingly smaller - Anybody got any bigger sized maternity clothes to loan out? I am literally working with two pair of pants and about five shirts!)
-Walls have been scrubbed the house has been totally cleaned up!
-Quite a bit of "junk" has made it's way to either storage or the burn pile
-The storage building has been emptied out and arranged so one can find things much easier.

Now all that is left to do is our back room. The back room in our house is where the wood burning stove is located. In the winter it is a warm (or hot) haven, but during the off seasons it is a dumping ground for all junk I don't have time to deal with at the given moment. This is the last room that needs to be cleaned out and my game plan is to tackle it today. Jeremy is thinking differently. We'll see who wins this war!

I have been pleased to get so much accomplished on Fall Break. We even had a couple of fun days in the process, but I do wish I had rested more. I constantly feel like the energy has been zapped from my body, but I know that is part of the miracle growing inside of me! I'll take whatever comes my way for a healthy baby!

Oh, and a total off the wall comment. I have figured out that if I give my blood thinner shots in a STRETCH MARK that they do not hurt has bad!!! How about that! Those things come in handy after all! I am still black and blue, but at least each injection is not torture now!!!

Hope you all have a great week ahead!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nashville Trip

On Thursday we had a fun filled day in Nashville. The day started with my Dr. appointment with Dr. Graves at Baptist. She did another ultrasound of baby #2. Colby thought that the "snot" they put on my belly was disgusting, but decided it was very "cool" that the "magic wand" showed the baby on the computer. We got a couple of very good profile shots this time.

The reason for this ultrasound was because there is one shot of the baby's heart that they need to get in order to establish that everything with #2 is perfect. We were not able to get the shot (although the doctor says there seems to be nothing to worry about at all, they just have to have the shot to complete their profile on the baby). We were however able to establish how stubborn #2 seems to be. Last time he moved non-stop. This time he stayed curled in a little ball so no one could see. We will be traveling back to the doctor in three weeks to try the picture again. Maybe third time is a charm!

Dr. Graves supported Dr. Lyons comments on the change over for my blood thinner shots. She did state that considering all that went on with Colby that she and Dr. Lyons will probably feel comfortable with us having #2 around 36 weeks or as soon as we know he is at a healthy size and is doing well. She doesn't want to risk keeping him in too long and allowing things to unexpectedly change. So we may be welcoming our second son sooner than we thought..............I don't think #2 is going to jive on the birth certificate so we HAVE to come up with a name!!!

After the doctor's office we traveled over to the Nashville Zoo. We had a great time and Jeremy was able to make the walk through very well! I was so happy to know he has healed enough to walk as much as we did yesterday! I had a lot of pressure from #2 in my pelvis, but other than that, I think Jeremy and I managed the walk better than Colby did! He was wiped out by the time we left!

There were several animals for us to see and it was not crowded at all. We had a really good time at the zoo together! We are really trying to make these last few months as an only child special for Colby and we are cherishing the time we have with him.

I can't believe fall break is almost over. Time seems to travel so fast anymore. I hope everyone has had a wonderful break!!

Jackson's Orchard

On Wednesday we went to Jackson's Orchard. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun playing and running into old friends we had not seen in a long time! We spent nearly 3 hours there and enjoyed every minute of it! This is one of our favorite family traditions!

You may be able to tell from the pictures of Colby with Jeremy and myself that he was not too thrilled having his picture made with us..........what faces!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BG Doctor Visit

Got a good report at Dr. Lyon's office today. Blood pressure and sugar was great. Platelet count was great. Only gained 1 pound this month. Baby was kicking up a storm and had a strong heart beat! Super visit.

We did broach the subject of the blood thinner shots when in comes time for my c-section. She said that what I am on now takes 24 hours to get out of your system enough to operate. When I hit 30 weeks they will put me on a different blood thinner shot that will be safe to operate after 6 hours. She did describe the risk if I have to have an emergency c-section like I did with Colby, but she seems to have a great game plan in store so my faith is in her completely.

On a more fun note, we went to Jackson's Orchard this morning and had a wonderful time!! I plan to post pictures by the weekend! We have a doctor appointment in Nashville tomorrow and are going to enjoy a trip to the zoo after....will post info and pics soon!!

Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful fall weather!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Am the Smartest Woman Alive!

I may not have all the book smarts in the world. I may not be over flowing with common sense, but in the past few years I have mastered the art of manipulating my husband, which I think has earned me the title of Smartest Woman Alive!

As we have cleaned and organized storage buildings, closets, bedrooms, etc this week we have come across many items that Jeremy had forgotten he had. The yearbooks and photo albums of days by gone, cards that were given to him for his birthday, clothes that have been buried for nearly a decade. I have no trouble packing this stuff away or trashing some of it all together. My husband has a different perspective on the artifacts of "The Good Ole' Days." They must stay. They are still could. And my favorite - They can STILL BE WORN!

So after watching my husband squeeze his 2XL body into a size large Edmonson County football 1997 t-shirt, a brilliant idea came to mind. First I sent him to his dad's to get something - just to get him out of my hair. Then, I took all of those t-shirts that he THINKS he can still wear and washed them (in HOT water praying for shrinkage) and then showed them to Colby. I told him that he could have the shirts and that Daddy would think he was so cool for wearing them...............that's all it took. Colby has a few new shirts to sleep in and I don't have to watch Jeremy try to keep his shirt from rolling up his belly anymore..........see...........told you I deserve the title of Smartest Woman least in the Vincent household!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Checking Off on the To Do List

We are now officially 24 weeks, and although I have no reason to panic about baby number 2 making his arrival, I am. We are a little over 8 weeks away from when Colby made his blustery entrance into the world and so my need to "prepare just in case" for this baby's arrival has taken over.

After miscarriage number two we had virtually given up on our family expanding. I sold every baby item I had with the exception of Colby's crib and bedding set and one tote of clothes that were to precious to part with. Now it is as if we are completely starting from scratch again. (Anyone got anything you are ready to loan out or part with??)

I got out the clothes that I had left over and the items my mom and Jeremy's dad have bought us in the last few weeks and I have gotten them washed and put away. I even washed the preemie things "just in case" praying they get NO USE this time.

I have misplaced the hardware to the crib, so on Sunday we loaded up the crib in the truck and headed to Lowe's. We took the crib in and didn't leave until we had the exact screws needed to make the crib work properly.

We live in a tiny little two bedroom house so today we are moving furniture around to put the crib in mine and Jeremy's room. Closets are being changed from spring/summer to fall/winter and anything that is in this house that we don't need or use is getting tossed.

By the end of the week we plan to be baby ready. Yes I am secretly starting to panic without any real reason to do so, but I am blaming all this early prep on my OCD and the fact that this is most likely the only week I will have off from work and not have grad school classes too!

Wish me luck..............and you had better pray for Jeremy. I will most likely work him harder this week than he has worked since he got hurt in May!!!