Thursday, June 3, 2010

Totally Random Thursday

This post is just a combination of random things going on in the Vincent household these days..........

Cooper is up to a few new tricks...........

He loves hanging out on the couch with Bubbie and he loves his rattle from Aunt Linda.

Tummy time is now more bearable for him and he is reaching for things more.

He can now sit up in the "tripod" sit for 2-3 minutes at a time.........breaks my heart!

He likes to sit in his high chair during supper now. I think he looks so funny in this picture!

He LOVES to stand up! Look at those little legs! (Sorry for Jeremy's lack of shirt here!)

Daddy thinks it's GREAT Cooper can hold his own bottle.............I REFUSE to let him do it.

Someone thinks it is great fun to climb on their brother........I'm pretty sure Colby disagrees though.

We are addicted to Wii Sports. I am proud to say that I am officially a PRO bowler!

Colby is cleaning his own room now..........some mean Mom threatened to trash any toys left out and that lit a fire under his sweet hind end!

And speaking of hind-ends...........maybe I should have given my son some rules about what he can and can not take pictures of..........ya think?

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


Melissa Newkirk said...

Love all the pictures of sweet Cooper!!
I so remember the day when my mom threatened the same thing with my brother and me...I cleaned my room, but he didn't and she stayed true to her went in the trash.
Looks like you are enjoying your summer, so far!!

Carol said...

Brooke, your posts always make me smile! BTW, I still think Cooper is Terry's Mini-Me!

Nan said...

The picture of Cooper sitting up behind Colby is precious! I love his little face!

Chasity said...

I agree with Carol Cooper looks just like your dad!!! Cute pics, can't believe they are so big!!

Wanda May said... the pics....especially the last one....

Heather said...

Cute pictures!