Friday, June 11, 2010

Dear Cooper

Well Cooper you are now 5 months old! Look at how big you are sitting propped up with no boppy pillow this month! You have the sweetest smile and the cutest laugh! You are such a happy baby and you make everyone around you happy too!

You have quit sleeping in the car so now you keep your big brother busy trying to entertain you. He does a great job at it! When you get frustrated you don't really cry - it's more of a "whiny dog" sound. We can't help but crack up at you!

Your absolute favorite thing to do right now is to lay on a blanket in the back yard under a big shade tree. You lay there and kick your legs and stare at the leaves blowing in the breeze. I truly believe you could do this for hours - but we can't stay outside that long because the bugs like you too well.........we have battled about 5 bug bites this week alone and that was with using OFF! I guess you are just too sweet!

Another thing you really love to do is eat! You are so funny because you make the sweetest MMMMMM sound and rock back and forth between each bite. You average three small jars a day and your favorites are the fruits, squash, and sweet potatoes. Getting you to eat anything green is a challenge. I usually end up wearing more than you have eaten.

Apparently you hate cows. On your exersaucer there is a cow. You scream at the thing every time you see it. We finally took it off just to save you from having a fit.

You really think you are big stuff right now because you have figured out how to hold your bottle. I don't like it at all though. You seem to be growing much too fast for my taste!

Thanks to my friend Nicole I found you this neat bathtub seat at her yard sale. You really like being able to sit up in the tub with your big brother now. I think my bathroom is in for trouble though with two little guys splashing in the tub!

And your newest trick which you debuted while I was gone and Daddy was watching you.........Going...............


Gone!!!!!!!!!!!! You are rolling all over the living room floor now! Pretty soon nothing will be safe since you have figured out how to get to where you want to be......well in the general area anyway!

You are such a blessing and we cherish each minute we have you in our lives! You have made us all love more and laugh more and we appreciate you and God for that so much! We love you Cooper!



Nan said...

The first picture is so sweet with his little smile, but I love the one of him "chillin" in the tub!!

Lesley said...

What a cutie - the cow story is so funny! I wonder why that makes him scream? : ) The pictures of him rolling over are cute too.

I'm so happy for you Brooke - that you have your two precious boys!