Friday, June 4, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

Well I have decided to jump on the Fab 5 bandwagon. I really enjoy reading other people's posts on the subject and have been exposed to some new things I might have to try someday! For now though here are my top 5 favorite things:

I am quite cheap and tend to scrimp and save whenever I can on most household items, but I CAN NOT live without good smelling laundry items! I love to have my clothes smelling fresh and clean and these are my favorite laundry items out there right now!

This hammock is my absolute favorite spot to relax. I love to lay in it and read or nap, but most often I am in it with my little boys swinging, snuggling, singing silly songs, and playing "I see something you don't see". We are in the hammock nearly every day!

I have blogged about Granny's before but had to add it to this post. This stuff is WONDERFUL!! It gets out the toughest stains be it grease or carrot baby food! It is only $3.99 and you can find it at the fabric table in Hobby Lobby. It's a must for the laundry room!

Along with babies comes snotty noses and boogers. This booger getter is an essential! The one they give you in the hospital is the best..........I don't think you can buy one to compare. I remember with Colby the dog ate his and I went to the hospital and begged until they gave me a new one!

And finally, Baby Magic lotion. I think there is no better smell in the world and I lather my boys up with it daily!

Have a Fab Friday Blogging Buddies!