Friday, June 18, 2010

Fab 5 Friday

This edition of Fab 5 Friday is all about ME and the things I love! Being a busy mom and wife doesn't always leave much time for ME alone but the things I have listed here are things I find time to squeeze in just for ME!

I LOVE Netflix via mail and Netflix via the Wii! This lets us only spend $18.01 a month for unlimited on both options and we use it every day! Jeremy and I decided a few years ago to cancel our satellite and only go with Netflix and we honestly have not missed it at all! I am currently ADDICTED to a show that was on Fox a few years back called Prison Break. There are 4 seasons on the Netflix via Wii right now and I have worked my way to season 2. It is a wonderful suspense show that I can't seem to stop watching. Jeremy and I watch it together but he doesn't know I have watched a few episodes ahead of him while he is either at work or sleeping! It is that good!

I have QUITE the sweet tooth but I try to be good and not always turn to chocolate when the urge for sweetness strikes. I found this Dannon Light and Fit strawberry yogurt a few months back and I think it is the perfect snack! Plus it is low calorie so you can't beat that!

Next is my laptop. It is 6 years old and really bogged down with too many pictures on it. It looks pretty rough too because it has a crack and is missing the comma key from when Colby was 2, but it is my lifeline with the world! I use it daily for my blog, email, and facebook - and speaking of facebook - have you played Family Fued on there yet? I am absolutely addicted to it! So much fun! I usually get most of my computer time in after Jeremy leaves for work at 10:00 and the kids are fast asleep.

I have always loved to read. It is very hard to find time to read with two kids and graduate classes but when I do squeeze reading time in I truly enjoy it. These days most of my books are young adult literature because I like to keep up with the books my students are reading. I am currently reading The House of Night series by PC Cast. It is about a finishing school for vampires. It is no Twilight saga by any means, but it is okay. The BEST young adult books I have read lately are The Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins............she is an AMAZING author!! If you love to read you should definitely check her books out (and Twilight fans.........she was recommended by Stephanie Meyer!).

And last but not least is extra money. I hate to be broke but due to my job this year we have been living pay check to pay check more than I like to admit (I was paid out of ESS money so I was only paid while school was in....that means no checks this summer......can't wait for my new job to start this fall for that reason!) I have learned over time to be very frugal and save with coupons and lots of low key entertainment but I still like to have money poked back for a rainy day. There's just something comforting to me about knowing I have extra cash stashed away just in case we need it!

I hope each of you have a Fab Friday!!


Nan said...

Jason and I used to watch the seasons of CSI together (and the Little House on the Prairie seasons, but I don't know how happy he'll be that I shared that!), and I would always sneak ahead of him :) I may have to check out those books you mentioned!

Destinyy said...

New JOB :(