Monday, June 21, 2010

Flash Forward

Today I took the boys to Sears to have their pictures taken and to take advantage of an awesome coupon I had been given by a friend (50+ pictures for only $7.99!). The boys did a great job for the photographer and while we were waiting for her to show us the pictures I had a few minutes of peace and quiet because I had rocked Cooper to sleep and Colby was playing his DS.

While we waited I spent time people watching. An older couple - probably in their 80's - came walking down the isle hand in hand. They were taking the shortest slowest steps you have ever seen but they were in perfect sync with each step. They patted on each other and smiled and seemed to be having a pleasant conversation as they passed.

I wondered to myself, "Will Jeremy and I be like that in 50 years?"

Well friends - God seemed to answer that one quickly for me. Only seconds later came a couple who seemed to be in their 70's. The man was walking about 10 feet in front of his wife and was grumbling and shaking his head. The wife poked along behind him looking at everything she passed and ignoring the annoyed man. He shouted "Quit lookin' at every fool thing and let's get the heck out of this place!" She said "I'll be there when I get there" to which he did a little stomp and walked off with more grumbling.

Yep. That will be us!

Here are a few of the pictures from today that I snagged from the Sears website. Enjoy!


Lesley said...

Funny; ) I'm a people watcher too!

The pictures are so cute!

Allie Bolton said...

That was the best story!!! Love it! Your pics look good as well! Thanks for sharing!

Staffanne said...

Love your stories....I can just imagine that older couple as I was reading your post. I see those kinda things all the made me chuckle out loud. Cute pics!