Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Great Ball Season!

Last night was our last t-ball game of the season. The boys did a great job this year! Last year we only won one game all season and often times the other team would beat us so badly that they would turn off the score board! This year was a different story!

We were able to win 5 games - three of which were in the tournament! We went from dead last place last year to 3rd place in the league!!

I am so proud of how much our boys' (and sweet Emma) ability level has improved. They did well and had fun while playing!

Something else that I am very proud of is how our coaches and parents were positive and friendly during the games. So often you see parents and coaches that take t-ball WAY to seriously and they fuss and holler and argue. Not the Cardinals! We behaved ourselves! Well one game I got a little upset............but..........Tyra put me in time out and I settled down!

We had a great set of dugout Moms and a wonderful set of coaching Dads! And the stands were always packed with parents and grandparents plus other family members and friends!

Colby had some great hits this season and made several outs at first base! I am so proud of him! I can't wait till next year! I really feel like the team will be GREAT with it being many of the kid's third year playing together!! Enjoy some pictures from our season!

I love watching Jeremy pitch to Colby! It's a stressful job pitching to these little guys but I think Jeremy did a great job at it!

Colby on deck waiting to bat. I really think batting is the favorite part for all of the kids!

Batter Batter Swing!! He actually hit several to the outfield this year!! I love watching him get a good hit!

Colby is saying "Calm down Mama. You're yelling too much!" I really was this day!

One hot little t-ball team! I can't believe we played in 100 degree heat index but thanks to wet towels brought in by Brian they survived!

123..............Go Cardinals!! I love the huddle and talk that the kids get each game!

I love this sweet picture of Colby! Leslie Cena took it and shared it with me (she also took a few of the other pictures in this post. Thanks Leslie!).

And the favorite part about tball......................the snow cones! The blue color comes out of clothes MUCH easier than it comes off of faces!


Heather said...

Way to go Colby!

Carol said...

We had SUCH a great time this season! I'm so glad our kiddos are buddies. Go Cardinals!

jparsley said...

We had fun this season too and I think all the boys improved alot! I'm sad we won't be a Cardinal next won't be nearly as fun to move up to the next league...Colby is a great kid!