Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why I Don't

I am sure that every other expectant mother on the planet who has a son hears the comment, "Oh, I bet you are hoping for a girl." I have heard this statement uttered dozens of times in the past couple of months and my answer is always a resounding "NO!"

There are several reasons why I don't want a girl. A few of them are..........

- I do good to fix my own hair and if I have a girl I am afraid she will be a mess!
- Colby is convinced he will die if it is a girl and I can't have that!
- I am a girl. I know how I acted. God help me if I have a child that acts like me!
- My mother.

Now in all seriousness, the main reason is my mother. She had a terrible relationship with her mother and we do not have a very good relationship either. I would hate to tempt fate and pass on that mother/daughter feud to another generation of women. There is no real reason we don't get along that I can pin point, but she just fusses at me (yelling like she did when I was a teenager) still and I can't talk to her about anything. My sister even over heard her tell someone at church that she "wasn't acknowledging this pregnancy until it was over with since Brooke is such a terrible pregnancy case." Yes I could have died over this comment.

So now you know some of my dirty family laundry, but you also know why I am so hopeful for another boy. September the 10th will tell if baby Vincent decides to cooperate this time. So, I know it is out of our hands and the gender is already decided, but could you say a prayer for me?


Wanda May said...

Oh Brooke you silly girl. You will be as good as a momma to a "her" as you are to him. Traditions are made to be broken, we learn by our mistakes and the mistakes of'T BE ya..

Heather said...

Can you just imagine the posts to come if it's a girl? I see hair stories, barbie vs. GI Joe stories, makeup vs. mud stories, I could go on and on:o) Either way, you'll be a great Mom!! I still get asked, "Don't you wish you would've had a girl too?" My reply, "No, I wouldn't trade my boys for the world"!!!

Nan said...

Heather, me either! Brooke, you will be a terrific Mommy to a little boy or girl! The past does not have to dictate the future, and I know a he or she will be precious as can be! Hey, if you have a little girl, you can share her a little with me and Heather! :)