Monday, August 3, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Colby's school adventure officially began this morning. He was so excited that at 6:00 am the moment I said "Time to get up Mr. Kindergarten," that he jumped out of bed and started ripping his night clothes off! After I coaxed him out of eating breakfast in his birthday suit, we had a little snuggle time and then eggs, toast, and milk for a good start to the day.

As I helped him dress and brush his teeth the waterworks started. I cried on and off all morning, but he was one handsome devil when he was finally dressed for school.

When we got to South Edmonson Elementary I cried again walking toward the building and he gave me a hug and said "It'll be okay." Such a sweetie. We walked in and he was greeted with a big hug from his Mrs. Donna and then he led Mommy and Daddy to his classroom. I got the tears under control by the time we got to the classroom.

He put his things away and got settled in with no problem. As a former SEE kindergarten teacher, I have to say it was VERY strange being on the opposite side. I am used to focusing on the kids and this year all I had to do was focus on keeping my emotions in check!

When the children had all arrived the teachers took the group to the carpet. As Mrs. Joyce pulled out The Kissing Hand I began to tear up again. It is the sweetest, but saddest first day of school book out there in my opinion!

Mrs. Joyce held the book up for the children too look at the cover and she says, "These animals are racoons. Has anyone ever seen a racoon?" As a few small hands went in the air my dear son announces, "I've never seen a racoon, but I know what a rat looks like.........we have them in our house!"

As thirty parents looked at me and Jeremy laughing, the urge to cry went out the window. Thanks Colby for making Mommy's tears go away!

So, the first day of school was a success and we are now the "dirty" family that parents will be telling their kids to stay away from!

Getting to work.

Colby is saying, "I have a Transformer shirt too, but my mom is kinda mean and wouldn't let me where it today. She made me dress up." Gosh am I mean or what!

Hope you all had wonderful "first days of school!"


Heather said...

Thank You...I needed that laugh. Love it! Oh there's no telling what Colby will tell them by the end of the year:o)

Staffanne said...

You are so funny..and so is Colby! Thanks for the laugh! Glad he had a good day! Enjoyed seeing you guys today.

Angie said...

Sounds so familiar, except you were the teacher, and I cried all the way out of the building. Richie kept trying to act like he didn't know me!! I wanted to cry today as I drove him to sixth grade, but he did let me walk him in! Thank you for being such a good kindergarten teacher! You made my first year of school a great experience!

Wanda May said...

Finally a blog I can laugh at...Colby is the man and you are just going to have to buck up because I think YOU are going to be in for a wild year...

Nan said...

Don't kids just say the darnedest things?! Colby looked so handsome, even though his mean ole Momma wouldn't let him wear his Transformers shirt! I'm glad he had a great day :o)