Friday, August 14, 2009

Great Dr. Visits!

We have been a busy family this week with all of the doctor appointments that we have had!

On Wednesday I had an appointment with Dr. Lyons. Everything was great there. I always get so nervous when it is time to try and find the heartbeat, but she was able to quickly find it with a steady sounding 156 bpm. My blood pressure was WONDERFUL (118/72) and I had lost 9 pounds since my last visit - how ironic is it that I can loose weight better pregnant than any other time? (I am down 24 pounds since conception! Crazy!)

On Thursday Jeremy and I headed to Nashville for our appointment at Baptist with Dr. Graves. We had an ultrasound. The quality of the equipment and the time they spent on us was unreal. We got to see our sweet baby for 30 minutes while the tech measured a variety of points and found some exciting news out for us...........we are farther along than we had thought!! They moved our due date up a week and a half! That puts us at nearly 17 weeks!

We also found out that baby Vincent has a stubborn streak! The tech tried her best to get a view of the "gender" parts, but the legs stayed firmly crossed. Also, each time she tried to get a picture the baby would role before she could get it!! Not looking good for us as parents is it??

Dr. Graves was thrilled with my weight, measurements, and blood pressure (100/70)! She did add a calcium pill to my medicine regime - which she said all woman pregnant or 30 and above can benefit from.

Jeremy and I left Baptist with a huge sigh of relief! We truly feel like we can finally start getting excited about this baby. With all of the heartache we have had with the losses, it is so rewarding to finally have a healthy baby growing and know how to handle the problems that I have! We are so thankful to God for blessing our little family!!

We go back to Dr. Lyons on September 9th for heartbeat check and Dr. Graves on September 10th for another ultrasound. They said this viewing would take 45 minutes to an hour and they would measure everything from typical length and weight to the length of the bones in the fingers! Can't wait!


Nan said...

Brooke, I am SO happy and excited for you guys! So glad that the baby AND you are doing so well!!!

The Stice's said...

So glad that everything is looking great!! I am so excied for your family!