Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Purchase

For the last two years, it has been a running joke among many about how pitiful my digital camera was. The display did not work, it was covered in scratches, and it was literally DUCT TAPPED together to keep the batteries and memory card compartments from falling open all the time. Obviously it was time to get a new one, but the thought of spending the money on a new camera didn't really appeal to me at all.

Recently we were in Walmart for our exciting Friday night adventure and there was a sales rep from Kodak showing off their newest camera, the M381. She really made it sound appealing and once she told us that it was currently on sale at for $40 less than the in store price, we really started to consider the purchase. After debating on it for a couple of days, we decided with the new baby on his way that this would be a great time to get the camera. So I got online and ordered it. Spending the $129 made me SICK, but it truly was a great deal.

I have put a few of the pictures I have taken with my new camera at the bottom of this post. I am thrilled with the quality and it was so much easier to transfer onto my computer than my old camera! There are a TON of features that I have no idea how to use, but in time I am sure I will figure some of them out. Enjoy the pictures!