Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Update

It has been a very busy week in the baby doctor department. We got good news and some not so good news, but all is well with baby and that is all that matters!

On Monday my sister and I traveled to Nashville to see Dr. Graves (Jeremy was working and couldn't go, but Sis was excited to take his place!). They finally got the measurement of the baby's heart that they were needing and officially were able to deem him "perfect" and free of any physical abnormality. He now weighs approximately 3 lbs 3 ounces, which amazes us seeing as how Colby was born at only 2 lbs 15 ounces! He is breech, which is not a big deal because he will be c-section anyway, but it does explain why I can not breathe when I bend over at all! My blood count is great, I have gained 5 lbs total now, and my blood pressure was good also!

Dr. Graves welcomed me to my 3rd trimester and then told me it was time to really start watching baby more closely. At 12 weeks I was diagnosed with prenatal lupus. According to Dr. Graves, the lupus typically rears it's ugly head most commonly in the 3rd trimester. The most common complications are preterm birth (which we are totally prepared for), growth problems for baby (which we can handle since he is already bigger than Colby was) and complications breathing. In order to keep a very close eye on this I will be monitored twice per week for 30 minute to one hour sessions beginning at 32 weeks (in about a month). This really threw me for a loop because I could not imagine making the trip to Nashville twice a week, so Dr. Graves promised to discuss it with Dr. Lyons to see if we could stay in Bowling Green for the monitoring.


Today was my visit to Dr. Lyons. I have been sick for a couple of days and she began the check up by diagnosing me with a sinus and upper respiratory infection and prescribing a z-pack for a quick fix. She then went on to "lecture" me about how I have got to focus more on me and my health, especially since I work in a school. She said that anytime I feel badly, I am more likely to catch a cootie so to lay low. She also told me I need to start resting more and taking it easier over all.

Dr. Lyons had talked with Dr. Graves and is hoping that we will be able to do the twice weekly monitoring in BG also! I was thrilled at this news. She also has set up a schedule for appointments were I will be in Nashville one week and BG the next so that I am seen on a weekly basis for the next month, then as long as nothing has shown up by then we will move to twice a week in BG and who knows about Nashville.
She was very positive and encouraging to me, so I feel at ease with it all. They are also changing my blood thinner to a different medication that will get out of my system more quickly in two weeks also, but the bummer there is it will be two shots a day! :(

So that is doctor news for the week. On a sweeter note, my sister is working with the Red Cross to see if she can bank her blood for me if in case I need a transfusion with this birth. They are not sure at this point if they can make that happen, but I thought it was the sweetest thought!

I hope you are all well and have a great week! Keep us all in your prayers please!


Heather said...

Sounds like everything is going good. I am very glad to hear that. You know that Baby #2 is going to have to have a name pressure:o) Just kidding. Some people have to wait to see the baby before the name comes. I'm just to organized to be that spontaneous. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you don't have to do any more than one trip to Nashville per week. Those can get costly and tiring.

Nan said...

So glad to hear "baby #2" is healthy and growing well!!! Be sure and take care of yourself these last few weeks...there's lots of "yucky germs" going around right now! I'm with Heather in hopes that you can do most of the monitoring in BG! By the way, that is a super-sweet thought for your sister to try to bank her blood for you :) Continued best wishes and prayers being sent your way!

J.J. & Katy said...

Brooke, Glad things sounds like they are going to be just fine! :) If you ever need anything - just call me on my cell - especially since I am in Nashville! Take care of yourself and congrats on the 5 pounds!