Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trying Something New

As many of you know, I am a tight wad. I do not like to spend money on things that are not essential. With that being said I have a couple of new things that I have broken down and tried recently that were at a fairly cheap price that I wanted to share.

On Kelly's Korner blog she wrote about a site that she had found that would take a photo from your digital camera and turn it into a canvas print ............ for FREE!!!

The free canvas is 8x10 in size and all you pay is shipping and handling which is $14.95. I thought that was a very reasonable price to pay for something as special as a canvas print of a beloved photo so I am trying it. There are extra fees for larger sizes but you get a $55 credit towards that purchase to compensate for the "free" deal. There are also special effects you can add for a price. When the print comes in I will post a picture and let you know EXACTLY what I think about it! If you are interested you can check it out here. Let me know if you do it and what you think!

The other thing I have tried recently is the Bounce Dryer bar.

I got the bar with a coupon that reduced it from it's approximate $7 price to $2 so I thought I would give it a whirl. I was not impressed. For the first ........... say 5 loads ........ it worked very well. After that, not so much. The scent seemed to quickly fade and that is why I love dryer sheets in the first place so the bar had little appeal to me unscented. It did work for static so that is a plus. I just found it to be too pricey for the way it actually worked. Just thought I would pass that along.

Have a wonderful weekend blogging buddies!


Wanda May said...

Brooke I love the "helpful hints" really. Helps me to know when and what to ya...and I will try and do the same. I just don't think of it.

Nan said...

I saw the canvas promotion on Kelly's blog too, but didn't check into it as I figured there was a catch to it. Since you're trying it, I may give it a try too :)

Sherry K said...

Brooke, you have to try for photo stuff. They're great! I ordered some adorable glass star Christmas ornaments on there with my niece's picture on them. Three ornaments were less than $10 including shipping!

They are constantly sending me e-mails with different codes for free or reduced price stuff. I strongly suggest you try them out.